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Trumpty's Lord's Prayer Trumpty's Lord's Prayer
by Leah Sellers
2018-05-05 08:23:12
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Lord, you Know that ever since I ran for President of the All Powerful American White House, because we just had to get that Honolulu Kenyan out of there, and make sure that Hillary was Putinly Pillaried. That Uppity Wench needed to Know her place, and me and my Henchmen and Russian Hackers and Bannonite Bot-Men saw to it that she found it. Under the bus - ha !  Now, that was the Lord’s Will and vengence on the Liberals !

trumpipra0001_400And I know that you know that for years, for business Reasons in New York, I had to Be a Democrat - a Liberal, but I know that you have Forgiven me for all of my Liberating Sins, especially since all of my Lying and Cheating, and Crooked Con Deal Making and Breaking, really had nothing to do with my being a Liberal. That was just Me. All Me !

But you know that, Lord, because you are the Lord - ha !

Forgive me, Lord, I was not laughing at you, but with you. And besides, I’m new to all of this Praying thing, and pretending I’m a Born Again Christian for all of the Evangelicals, especially the White Ones.

I’m sure that you know, since you are the Lord, that 4 out of 5 Evangelicals voted me into office, especially in all of those Gerrymandered Electoral College Districts. So, that even though ’ole Hillary won the Popular vote by about 3 million votes, which is a constant thorn in my side, I won the day, because you, Lord, and Putin, and his Oligarch Pals, and my bigoted and misogynistic Neo-Nazi and Neo-Conservative Bannonite Pals, and Evangelical, Wall Building, Immigrant Hating Fans helped me overcome the House Odds in a Rigged Electoral System - ha !

Again, Lord, I am not laughing at you, but with you, because without you and your Will, none of this could have come to pass, because you are the Lord, the Boss, the Head Honcho, and what you Say goes, and I like that. I like Heavenly Bully Boys the same as I love Earthly Bully Boys like me.

Just call me The Don. But that’s the Earthly Don, Lord, because you will always be the Heavenly Don, and I don’t want to incur your wrath, and have you Burning Bushes around my Southern Rebel Winter White House, Mired-in-Sludgo Palace, in Florida. That would just ruin my perfectly manicured Golf Courses, Lord, and negatively effect my Whole Con Game, if you know what I mean, jelly-bean - I mean, Lord. No disrespect intended. Remember this Praying thing is really new to me.

In fact, I’d get down on my knees if I could, but you’ll just have to accept my sitting in this Church Pew earnestly trying to Communicate with you. And you know how hard that is for me, because I am a Liar. A Con Man who’s always got a Scam brewing.

Speaking of brewing, you gotta’ stop this Mueller Investigative Witch Hunt against me and mine, Lord. You’re the Lord, so, I know you can do it.

I just don’t get it, anyways, Lord. I’m the President. I’m the King and everyone in the United States is supposed to bending to my Will. That’s the way it’s done in Business. Corporations Rule from the Top. None of this democratic rule of the Masses. Who cares what they Want or Need or what they Think. It’s me thye need to be pleasing !

They’re the Customers and the Consumers of me and mine’s, and my Loyal Friends, Goods and Money Making Schemes and Games. That’s it ! And if the We the People’s don’t want to do what I say or can’t be Conned by my repetitive, Seductive Deceitful Lies and Public Relations Tricks and/or Fake News and Treats, then off with their heads, I say ! I call that Biblical Re-Vengence.

I’m a Petty and mean-spirited Man, Lord, and I know that you already know that. You made me who I am.

There is no Free Will or Freedom. On Earth, there is only My Will and how I decide to Use or Abuse everyone who gets around me or those I have put into power to do My Will. So, all of this must be your Will, even though it goes against all of Christ’s, your Holy Son’s Teachings, because I have gotten by with everything !

Lord, you know that I have spent my Life knowing that I am Above and Outside of The Law, and evading The Law and its Consequences. And I have become very Rich, Successful and Accepted by everyone who watched my fake show The Apprentice, and got caught up in all of my wheelings-and- dealings. Because most of them know that I will crush them if they don’t.

I’ve been a Sinful, Underhanded (but not small-handed) Criminal for a very long time. But you know that Lord !
And then I Lied, and Bluffed and Huffed my Crooked Way right into the Presidency stoking and playing on the legitimate and imaginary Fears and Divisions within many Americans, who became my Fans, and wore my Make America Great Again Caps. And they paid me their hard earned money to wear my hats and T-shirts and be my Fan.

I have not Changed, Lord, but there are those who say that because I have the Republicans afraid to go against my Faithful Base and Lobbying Elitists like myself (that I really got the Tax Breaks for), that I am Corrupting and Ruining America’s democracy. And that’s just not true Lord. I am an American.

I am the American President, and so therefore, every American needs to bow down before me and bend to My Earthly Will ! Yes, they do ! That is the Way I see it ! And you must see it that Way, too, Lord, because the Evangelicals have told me that you made me President to bring on the Second Coming. The End Times. And so we need War !

Me and mine can capitalize off of War and the War Machines we sell to everyone who decides to be infected with War ! Halleluiah ! Nothing is better than the sweet smell and feel of cold, hard cash, Lord, and people bending to your Will ! And I know that you are sending it my Willful Way !

So, Lord, I need you to work things out so that Rosenstein and Mueller get impeached or fired, and the American Public and the rest of the World get so desensitized to the constant barrage of Lies and Smoke Screens and Hijinx that I keep throwing out each and every day, that they no longer care about who is in the so-called Right or so-called Wrong, because everything will all look Dark and Energy Draining.

That’s the Way I have always won and always Win ! And Lord, you’re a Winner, because you’re the Heavenly Honcho. And I also hear that you’re a Good God, so I know that you won’t mind sharing some of your Glory, Pomp and Circumstance and letting me have all of that and more right here on Earth ! Amen and Halleluiah !

Well, Lord, I know that you have heard that I have a really short attention span, and I’m about to miss my favorite FOX Fake News Propaganda Programs. So, I’m getting ready to go. Besides, I don’t like sitting by myself unless the televison is on.

But I just want to remind you that you have put your Heavenly Gold on a real Winner, Lord ! I am De-Regulating and Un-Doing everything so that me and my Corporate/Banking Buddies can continue to Use and Abuse, and Pollute, and Rape the Earth, and every Human Being and Living thing on it, who isn’t one of Us, just as fast as I can ! I’ll get us all to the End Time ! You just wait and see !


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