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Eureka: How organizations collapse Eureka: How organizations collapse
by Jay Gutman
2018-05-07 06:39:47
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With a record number of companies and organizations collapising, here's what you need to know to prevent your organization from collapsing. An organization could be anything from a marriage to a business to a town hall to a government. So you have a company or organization. You face two survival or existential threats. Internal survival or existential threats and external survival or existential threats. There are four existential threats to organizations, which often converge and interlap to see your organization collapse. There's the emotional threat, the personal threat, the organizational threat and the task threat. Let me break these down for you.

organi000001_400The emotional threat

Anger management issues can be internal or external and can threaten the survival of your organization, which is why you need clear policies to counter anger management issues. If your clients or neighbors have anger management issues, the anger management can spread to your organization. If the members of your organization have anger management issues, you can soon see your organiation collapse.

Here's how it works. If there are clients with anger management issues you will need bouncer or security staff to deal with such cases. Otherwise your staff will grow weary of dealing with clients with anger management issues and will eventually resign en masse. If your neighbors have anger management issues, you need clear policies to confront them, including by automatically calling the police when the anger management goes out of hand. If your staff has anger managent issues, you need to make it clear that the policy is no anger within the organization, otherwise tasks will not be able to be completed.

The personal threat

All members of an organization have personal space and personal lives outside the organization. No one wants the organization or outsiders to the organization to meddle with personal lives or lives outside the organization.

Personal threats include peddling with members of the organization's personal lives. Those include monitoring screens and phone calls, taking action against the dependents of members of the organation, using personal objects or expenses or focing personal expenses on organization-related tasks. Other threats including taking excessive business trips, forcing members to spend excessive time at the organization, forcing members of the organization to do work-related tasks at home, or peddling with personal lives behind their backs. Such action causes organizations to collapse, as people tend to quit massively.

The organizational threat

Most people prefer structured, predictable organizations where they know what their role is and what other people's role is within the organization, pay that comes on time, clear start and finish times, clear policies on breaks and vacations.

When the structure of the organization becomes unpredictable, when there are 6,000 pages of rules that are never followed, when changes are made witthin the organzation without consultation, when responsibilites change all the time and leaders change all the time, member of the organation tend to feel lost, tasks are no longer efficient and the organization tends to collapse.

The task-related threat

If members of the organization lose their tools or funds to carry out the tasks, organizations tend to collapse. Also, when psychological warfare is led against members of the organization, members of the organization tend to lose the focus to be able to carry out the tasks.

So you want to break an organization? Engage in emotional warfare, meddle with member's personal lives, meddle with the organizational structure of the organization and meddle with their ability to deliver the tasks. Soon enough, the organization will collapse.

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