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I'm a Pea Pickin' People Pleaser!
by Leah Sellers
2018-04-17 07:26:30
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“I’m a Pea Pickin’ People Pleaser !”

“Yep, Maybelle, I’m a born and raised Pea Pickin’ People Pleaser ! Most Women folk are as far as I can tell.”

“Now, Pleasin’ Folks on the whole is not a Bad Thing in and of itself, but in the Religious Home I was raised in, People Pleasin’ was the heavy mantle laid upon the Women’s shoulders, for the most part.”

gil1_400“People Pleasin’ was, and is, expected from Women to the extent that it became, and becomes, a Total Sacrifice of the Woman’s Life, of the Woman’s Needs and Wants, of the Woman’s Gifts and Talents to Others and their Expectations and Needs and Wants of You, and on You.”

“Sure, Women can use their God given Gifts and Talents in the Church, and in the Home, and sometimes at Work in one form or another. But a Woman must always Re-Member her Place in the World.”

“Oh yes, a Woman must Re-Member that she is the descendent of Eve who listened to that gol’durned Devil of a Serpent, and was seduced into takin’ a bite out of the Apple from the Tree of Life and Knowledge. That we Women are secondarily responsible for Original Sin because Eve tempted Adam with that very same delicious bite and taste of the God-filled Energies of Life and Knowledge from that very same God Tree in the Garden of Eden.”

“Yes, we Women must Re-Member that because Eve Yearned for more of Life and Knowledge that she was responsible for the first act of Dis-Obedience and Original Sin.”

“Yes, we Women must Re-Member that because Eve had a Healthy Curiosity and wanted to Educate herself about the World around her that she became a Jezebel. Like Lilith, before her, she became a Sinner. A Harlot. An Evil Woman. A Temptress.”

“And because of the Men, who wrote and collected all of the old scrolls and data, and who decided through the years what Ancient Writings and Knowledge would finally be printed in the Old and New Testaments of the first Guttenberg Bible, Women must be happy with the Place in the World given to Them by Religion and Men, because of that one little ‘ole so-called Mis-Take, that if you ask me was no MIs-Take at all, that a Curious and Smart Lady named Eve made.”

“Yep, most everybody sees Women as the Weaker sex because she’s Emotional, and bears the Children of the World.”

“Well, I say, let’s have one of our Men Folk bear a Baby, answer to all of a Babies cries and needs, and change every dirty diaper, and then we’ll see who’s strong and who’s not !”

“And I say that Emotions, Lovin’ Emotions are a Good thing. And so did Christ. He was always tellin’ Folks to Love one another, and treat Everybody as they ThemSelves wanted to be treated. And all of those teachin’s involve Emotions ! Healthy, World Benefitin’ Emotions !”

"And I say, that it takes more Strength of Mind, Heart, Soul and Body to Love than it does to Hate !"

"Yep, Maybelle, People Pleasin’ became Women’s Crown of Thorns, Our Duty and Sacrifice to Family and Country.  And if you didn’t tow the lines drawn for you by Everybody around you, then you were a Dis-appointment. A Failure. A Fallen Woman. A Mis-Fit Eve or a Jezebel-Lilith.”

“Try and Stand up for YourSelf - try to Please YourSelf, and make anyone else at Home or Church or Work or just Anywhere else out-and-about just a little bit Un-Comfortable with what you‘re Doin‘, and you’re a Witch, with a big ’ole capital B in place of the W.”

“You’re a Bad Daughter, when all you have ever wanted to Be was a Good Daughter. But, of course, Good Daughter and Bad Daughter always got defined by the Home, Church or Work you found YourSelf having to deal with and within.”

“You’re a Bad Mother if one hundred percent of YourSelf is not under your Family’s Control at all times. And, I do mean, at all times, Maybelle.”

“You’re a Bad Co-Worker because you’re too Smart or too Creative or too Innovative or too full of Ideas to help improve things, and the way things get done.”

"Yep, your Co-Workers and your Boss, which is almost always a Man, see you as Bossy, Uppity and too Big For Your Britches, and will go out of their way, from time to time to put you in the Place they think you should Be in, which is usually under their thumb or out the door.”

“Yep, try Pleasin YourSelf and you spend all of your time feelin’ Conflicted and Guilty. Unsure of yourself and your so-called Place in the World. So, most Women like you and me, Maybelle, find ThemSelves puttin’ aside things They’d Choose to Do to Succeed for ThemSelves. And we all run around feelin’ Conflicted and Guilty in other ways because of it, anyway !”

“You’re darned if you do and darned if you don’t !”

“Maybelle, I don’t know about you, but I could sure use a couple of scoops of some Bluebell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream right about now. You wanna’ join me ?”

“Good, let me finish washin’ up this sink full of breakfast dishes left by Sam and the kids this mornin‘, and you and I will treat ourselves to a heapin’ bowl of Ice Cream from the Happiest Singin’ Cows in Texas - ha !”

“What’s that, Maybelle ? Why sure, I’ve got some Smucker’s Chocolate Fudge Topping for Pea PIckin’ People Pleasin’ Suckers somewhere in the pantry over here.”

“You rummage around for it, while I finish up here, girlfriend, and we’ll have OurSelves our own little party, before we head on over to the meetin’ at the Church for next month‘s Charity event.”


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