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Eureka: Tensions in Gaza - an Israeli perspective
by Jay Gutman
2018-04-03 03:58:55
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The situation in Gaza in Q & A format.

Question: is Gaza the world's largest prison?

gaza1_400There are these places called Singapore and Hong Kong, or Macau. In those city-states or special admministrative regions you have banks, hospitals, schools, sports venues, shopping malls, restaurants, banks, a vibrant economy, universities, the promose of a bright future, and some poverty. No one in Singapore claims that they are made prisoners by the Malaysians, or that people in Hong Kong or Macau are made prisoners by the Chinese.

Now if Singapore started firing missiles at Malaysia, training terrorists and swearing that they would destroy Malaysia and its people, or that Hong Kong or Macau did the same with China, then, Singapore would probably be a living hell, and a large prison, same goes for Hong Kong and Macau.

The situation in Gaza reminds me of a guy in the American show divorce court whose wife demands divorce and he says “all I want is food, sex and silence.” You can't stay married like that. Same goes for Gaza, you can't complain about a blockade and entrances and exits being strictly monitored, and then claim that all you want is freedom, destroying Israel and only Muslims living in the state.

Question: Are people from Gaza punished because they are Muslims?

Religion has nothing to do with the conflict. People in Gaza constantly complain that they are being attacked first. You can't send a group of armed rioters hoping to cross the border to Israel and then complain that there was a carnage. The same thing would happen if Singaporians sent a group of armed rebels marching towards Malaysia, or for that matter of Moroccans marched with arms towards Algeria and tried to cross the border.

Question: Why this timing to hold large demonstrations at the Israeli border?

I read forums every now and then and I noticed something in the Arab world. Not just in forums, but also in the press and in public declarations. In a lot of Arab countries, there has been a resolve to say “Palestine is none of our business.” This is because, I know this for sure, Arab states have tried to help Palestinians solve the conflict and mediate, but the Palestinians rejected all mediation and wished to continue with violence and armed conflict. That is Arab states have tried to reason the Palestinians, but are now saying Palestine is following a path few want it to follow. So in recent years financial aid to Palestine has been decreasing because the Palestinians want “food, sex and violence.” Since the Americans have started to condition financial aid, the Palestinians figured they might as well take drastic measures and try to start a huge march and cross the border to Israel.

Question: What are the shifting factors with the Palestinian cause?

Again, the world has tried to help the Palestinians mediate with the conflict, and nothing happened. There used to be a fair deal of anti-Semitism in the unconscious minds of the rest of the world when dealing with the Palestinians, but that trend has reversed.

Let's look at things this way. If my brother's an alcoholic and beats his wife, I might not like his wife at first and have my doubts about her complaints, but if I stand there long enough to see the evidence that he is drinking too much and beating her, I might end up siding with his wife.

Question: What does the future hold for the Palestinians?

The dangers right now is that Palestinias might try to wage total war and rally the entire population in support of the war against Israel. The same had happened with Algerians when the National Liberation Front had rallied the entire Muslim Algerian population against French colonizers, and those who refused to join the army were killed. Like with North Korea, if you give them money they start piling up weapons, if you don't give them money they start firing those weapons at neighboring countries.

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