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They Heard Them Sing
by Nikos Laios
2018-03-28 09:38:58
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They Heard Them Sing

They fell among
The cedars and pines
Tumbling,rolling rushing
Gurgling among green ferns
Under a clear blue sky as the
Orange sun dripped
Over the horizon.

mosaic_of_life_400Along the
Sliding shore
Seething over
Glistening sand
Washing half buried shells
And rusted fishing bells.

Rolling, surging
Deep blue waves
Shimmering through
Golden Arches,
Ancient columns
Blocks of yellow
Stone aged
With blotches
Of bright green
Moss, held by
Salty leathery green
Fingers of seaweed.

They heard them sing,
They heard them sing,
Artemis and Apollo
Of the spring.

And garlands
And the crushed
Rose petals with
Their scented bouquet
Filling their lungs;
Around majestic
Cedars and pines.

As the
Clocks melted,
Measuring their
Joys and sorrows
Regrets and tomorrows
Among darting
Chestnut sparrows.

The sliding
Seething sandy shore;
They heard them sing,
They heard them sing.
The song of Spring.

In the whispers of the wind;
The fine and tender things,
The eternity of their Spring,
They heard them sing,
They heard them sing.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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