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In Circle Mystic Blue
by David Sparenberg
2018-03-29 08:23:04
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To heal the Earth into sustainable wellbeing we must heal ourselves; to heal ourselves
into sustainable wellbeing we must heal the Earth.

blueee01_400The healing process is a circle. It is not a vicious circle, with no way out but a circle of
evolution, perception, and of responsibility. With many, many interconnecting ways to delve in, with integrity and compassion, and to emerge outward., in compassion and integrity.  Playing a lifetime with the intricate origami of acts of beauty.

From space, Earth is soft in subtle pulsation like a gentle blue eye curious to see where it is, and the everywhere that surrounds this orbiting Gaia-sphere: evolution’s living, cosmic observatory.

The medicine prayer of our green generation if not for eternity but for global revolution. Nonviolent revolution. On Earth, as is dreamed from heaven: a gentle place of peace in circle mystic blue. Life thrives here.

Pray for that in human action, in genial solidarity and you will become part of all that needs to be and is good and just, and right for life.  Life will thrive through you in this living-sphere.  You will be a pioneer, a part of miraculous vitality, of Earth’s profound desire.  A drummer, you, of the dynamic journey of morphic resonance.  A face to see and hear, to taste, and to feel.  A body, your own, to receive and to give.  And to correct as much as you can correct of what is wrong: your gift to Gaia-Earth.


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