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Mama, Why Are You Always Telling Me to Be a Good Girl?
by Leah Sellers
2018-03-23 10:18:20
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“Mama, I need you to check my Work, and I have a few questions to ask you about it,” Cheyenne announced as she walked into the Kitchen, and sat down at the table with her Notepad and Pen.

“Cheyenne’s Mother, checked the rice she had just put on, and opened the oven to check on the roasting chicken and vegetables, as she answered,” “Why, certainly, Cheyenne.”

think1_400Walking over to the kitchen table while removing the floral oven mitt from her graceful hand, Cheyenne’s Mama sat down across from her daughter saying, “What subject will be discussing tonight, Baby ?”

“It’s my Social Studies Project, Mama,” Cheyenne said seriously. “You know the one I told you about where I’m supposed to listen to the six o’clock news every night with you daddy, and take notes on what the news is for that day.”

“Yes, and I must say, you have improved the speed with which you are Note taking, young lady,” Cheyenne’s Mama said with a proud smile.

“That’s because of the short-hand, and topical tips you gave me when you saw me getting so upset about not being able to write down every word they said as fast as they said it,” Cheyenne laughed. “I was getting ready to cheat and just record what they were saying, but you refused to let me do that. You told me to follow my teachers instructions because there was a reason for my learning how to listen and only write down the most important things said.”

“And aren’t you glad you learned how to be a better Listener ?”

“Yes Ma’am, but what I heard really confused me and made me sad,” Cheyenne said earnestly.

“Well, that’s understandable, Cheyenne, there are some very confusing and sad things going on the World at present.”

“Mama, may I read my Notes to you, and then ask you about some things that I don’t really understand ?” Cheyenne asked expectantly.

“You sure can,” Cheyenne’s Mama said brightly. “Just let me turn the rice off, and turn the oven down a bit before you get started.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Cheyenne said patiently.

“Alright, now, I’m ready to give you my full attention,” Cheyenne’s Mama said as she sat back down at the kitchen table.

“Have you decided on the topic of your final paper that you’ll be using your notes for ?” Cheyenne’s Mama asked.

“Yes Ma’am, before I listened to the television news, I had decided to entitle my paper What It Takes to Be a Good American Girl”,” Cheyenne said hesitantly.

“Cheyenne, that’s a fine title for your paper. It sounds like an ideal Civics topic.”

“That’s what I thought in the beginning, too, Mama. But now I’m not so sure,” Cheyenne said uncertainly.

“What’s bothering you, Cheyenne ?”

“Well, let me read you some of my Notes, Mama, and then we can talk about my title,” Cheyenne said slowly.

“I’m all ears,” Cheyenne’s Mama said encouragingly.

“Well, my first sentence is, these are the qualities of America’s President and Leaders that every American voted for and wants to Represent them around the whole, wide World,” Cheyenne read.

“Then the rest of my Notes have everything I heard on the t.v. news,” Cheyenne paused, and looked at her Mama for some kind of tacit support.

“Mama, how come you never listen to the news ?” Cheyenne blurted out suddenly.

“Well, Baby, there is always so much to get done around here, that’s more important than my sitting down to watch that ole t.v. until much later in the evening.”

“Well, get ready Mama, because you are going to be surprised by everything that’s going on in the rest of the World while I’m going to school and playing outside with all of my friends, and you’re house cleaning, and gardening, and we’re all going to Church, and having fun traveling, and visiting all of our relatives,” Cheyenne said.

Cheyenne’s Mama tried not to laugh outright, and instead said, “Then it is a good thing that you can catch me up on all that I have missed.”

“Yes Ma’am, but don’t say that I didn’t try to warn you,” Cheyenne said warningly.

“I’ll try and remember that, Cheyenne,” Cheyenne’s Mama said with a sardonic grin. “Alright, I’m ready.”

“Okay,” Cheyenne sighed heavily. “Well, the President of the United States is Donald Trump. He is a millionaire, maybe billionaire, Businessman who loves to fire Apprentices and all other kinds of folks when he feels like it.”

“Our President loves Money and Power above all else, and he loves Automatic Dic-ta-taters, because he has always been one, and doesn’t know what a Democratic Leader really is or how they behave or how they Protect America above all else.”

“Our President Donald Trump Tweets out Lies all of the time to undermine other folks like America’s Law Enforcers called the FBI and CIA, and Law Makers like all Democratic Congress People, and some Republican people who fuss about him not doing things the right way for America, but only for HimSelf and his Family and Friends.”

“Our President Donald Trump fired a FBI Man, Mr. McCabe, one day before his Retirement, because he was mad at him, and wanted him to lose his whole life’s pension.”

“Our President of America has probably washed a lot of his money, and made folks mad because he will wash his and other people’s money, but he will not wash his very own clothes. He gets Immigrants to do that. And he doesn’t even like Immigrants, because he wants to throw all of them out of America, unless they come from Norway and eat sardines.”

“Our President Lies and Cheats on all of his Wives and Children with other Ladies that like to be naked, and roll around with other naked people on film or in big mansions, because doing it in big mansions or on the beach makes it classy.”

“Our President likes to Steal from the Poor and give what he steals from the Poor to HimSelf, and other Rich folks like HimSelf, like Robin in the Hood.”

“Our President wants all Drug Dealers to be murdered by the State.”

“Our President hurts and insults America’s Allies and supports America’s troublemakers, like Russia’s Automatic Dic-ta-tater, Mr. Pootin’.”

“Our President believes in Citizen’s United which is a new Law that says that Money is Free Speech. So the more Money you have, the more Free Speech you have. And the less Money you have the less Free Speech you have. Because folks like President Trump like to rule a country where Human Rights, like Free Speech are unequal, because it makes them feel more potent.”

“Our President hates the Free Press because they always chase him around and tattle on all of his wrongdoings and hanky-panky, and it makes him mad. So, he treats them like the FBI and CIA. He Lies about them and calls them Liars and Fake News, when it is actually President Trump doing all of the Lying and Fake News making.”

Our President likes Trade Wars, because he went to a military school, but got five cowardly deferments so he wouldn’t have to really go fight in a War in a country Claude VanDame. But he thinks having military parades to honor HimSelf, and ordering other folks to go to War for him against any country he’s mad at is a good thing to do, whenever he wants to do it, because he and a man called Kim-Kong-Moon love to have Nuclear Button Pushing contests.”

Our President wants to get rid of something called the Affordable Care Act, because he wants the Insurance, Medical and Drug Folks to rob everyone else blind if they get sick. And if they get sick and can’t afford to go to the doctor or to the dentist. Then that is just too bad, because their teeth can just rot out of their stinky mouths, and their sick bodies can just rot and stink for everyone else to wrinkle their noses up at, because they did not have enough Free Speech Money to make the World a more Fair, Just and Beautiful place to live on.”

Cheyenne stopped suddenly, staring down at her copious Notes.

“Are you finished, Cheyenne ?”

Cheyenne looked up and wrinkling her nose said, “No Ma’am. I have a lot more Notes to read, but I have to ask you something very important. Mama you and Daddy want me to be a successful American Girl who makes Something of HerSelf don’t you ?”

“Why of course we do, Cheyenne,” Cheyenne’s Mama said surprised.

“Then why are You and Daddy always Telling me to Be a Good Girl ?”


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