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by Richard Berman
2007-04-17 10:27:03
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Bringing a child into this world, we all know costs a lot of money. It starts from the day that you find out you're having a baby and you have to pay 22€ for each of the first two ultrasounds and even after you get your newborn home you get a nice bill from the hospital for the two-night stay.

I have heard that the more children you have reveals how much money you have, true? I stopped at just two, why? That is how far my wife's and my paycheck will cover, if we had more children we would not be able to bring up the kids how we would like, since I want them to have days out, holidays and nice things, but not to spoil them. But then you get the families that struggle though life to bring up their children.

The great thing about having children in Finland is the amount of time women get for their maternity leave. First they get the nine months of 70% of their wage paid to them by the government and I also know some firms pay the full wage for the first three months that the mother is at home and the government pay the last six months, then after the nine months the money goes down to around 50% until the child is two and after that, until the child is three years of age, the government pay around 500 euros a month. The child also gets its child support money, so it is not bad.

When the mother goes back to work they can then work only six hours a day until the child goes to school. When the mother is at work the children are sent to childcare (kindergarten) which costs about 180 euros a month. I have spoken to a couple of friends back in England to find out the costs of childcare there.

My friend in Guernsey pays £16,000 a year for his child minder; this lady takes care of three kids full time, that's £48,000 a year, lucky her I would say. My sister who lives in the south of England pays £17.50 a day for her child's daycare and a friend of hers pays £22 a day, So we should think ourselves lucky here in Finland at the low cost of childcare.

I have nothing to complain about, since my two girls mean the world to me and I would do anything for them, but they cost me a lot of money. Already the five-year-old has gone though three pairs of shoes this year - I could not tell you what she does to them. She already knows what she wants in the way of fashion, telling as what she wants to wear, and telling us what matches, and I just thank god my wife is stronger then me and does not give into her in the shops. Today while out food shopping she was telling us what cheese she wanted, and I swear they both eat more then my wife and I.

Every year we have to buy the new winter suits, winter shoes, hats, gloves, waterproof suits and so on. I am always happy when their granny offers to pay for it because the total cost can easily be over 200 euros.

From birth to the day that they move out it is going to be expensive, but does it stop the day they move out? I am still really happy when my mum and dad give me money at the age of 30...

This bit is from the BBC: Parents spend an average of £2,916 on a daughter every year and £2,790 on a son, according to a poll of 500 parents for the online bank Egg. That amounts to nearly £50,000 per child up to the age of 17, so I hope this does not put anyone off having kids, they bring a lot to a family, but also take a lot.

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Asa2007-04-17 16:07:50
Hearing the word 'Daddy' from your child is worth every penny!

Richard2007-04-17 19:39:06
As long as the child is looking at you and not the milkman when they say it :-)

Clint2007-04-17 20:00:44
You ain't seen nothing yet!
Make the most of it while they're cheap, wait until they reach their teens and talk of uni then the costs go through the roof. No it doesn't stop when they leave home just ask the ovi editor!!!

joey2007-04-17 20:24:13
I hope I am wrong but this gives the impression that you view your kids as another living expense and resent every cent you have to pay for them. Kids are a precious and unique gift and should be treated as such. Judging by the titles of your other articles you may be a little obsessed with money! Forget about the cash and worship your children they are priceless!

richard2007-04-17 21:07:57
No Joey not obsessed just a story of the costs , a little different would you say not to the feelings I have towards my children, I love my children to bits, with or without money.

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