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by Ovi Magazine Guest
2018-03-16 06:28:26
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by Saloni Kaul

The car screeched to a halt to halt the screech !
Ensuing argument between two pedestrians, he said.
All behind halted and screeched stuck each to each
Like halterneck-drest bloom in flower bed.
Pedestrians took their screechtime in fuming chorus
Took those on the warpath severely by the hand,
For by this time they with more than their own screeches
With queued squads screeching to halt had to contend canned.
Comic to onlookers, crucial to those involved,
As screeching soundscapes are until you’re in their tide caught;
Those wasting time and time of others convolved,
As much ado escalates, stern lesson soon are taught.
Think then, does it pay to lean upon consideration’s legacy,
To end up rueful as Richard at his own profligacy.


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