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In that place, something happened
by Abigail George
2018-03-13 09:00:48
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In that place, something happened

Please read this!
  I wish that he would read my poems
And fall in love
  with them. That his hand would
touch the page
  as if to make his
set1_400own despair and
  sadness vanish
into thin air like
  smoke and mist.
He has made me
  feel that way.
No escaping or
  getting around it.
How lofty it is to fall in love.
  You’re the wall.
You’re the wire.
  I’m afraid I am
the domesticated.
  Life is complicated
Like a dream.

  The dream of you.
The sun exposed
  you. You confessed on a shiny day.
I’m good at waiting. For marriage.
  For fabrication.
For the boyfriend
  to make his return.
For infertility to
  turn itself into
fertility. Your
  warmth is complex.
Where is it coming
  from? It is coming
from your shirt.
  Taste. Smell. Sight.
Your open hands.
  You can be dramatic but I want your
future anyway.

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