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Walkingback Zarathustra
by David Sparenberg
2018-03-03 08:56:58
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When Zarathustra was thirty years old he left his home
and the lake of his home and went into the mountains. 
Here he enjoyed his spirit and his solitude, and for ten years did not tire of it. 
But at last a change came over his heart…

When Zarathustra came down from the mountains he met the people living below and spoke with them. The prophet said, “From a single spark the world becomes conflagration.”

The people who heard were shocked by the pronouncement of this peculiar stranger.  Some among them replied, “Is the world to become dust and ashes?  Who are you?” questioned others. “Would you walk among us and bring destruction? What is this terrible spark you dare speak to us of?”

zarat01_400The prophet observed the terror on the faces of the people and laughed.  What a waste and a pity, he told himself, for so accustomed are they to being downcast and living in fear.

Zarathustra looked around, for a crowd was now gathered, and he spoke boldly.  He said, “What is already dust and ashes will fulfil itself with or without miracle.  While those who are seeds will blossom, as mercy, into colorful perfumes.  Those who are trees will bear fruit.  Flowers will inspire hearts; fruit will nourish souls.”

Most standing before the prophet were puzzled and speechless.  But one spoke up, beyond confusion, tauntingly saying, “All of this from a single spark!  What then is this spark that can turn the world of combating light and shadow into fire?”

“Friend,” the prophet answered, “I recognize your courage.  Then let me tell you.  In the beginning when Creator Goddess-God set the incandescence of being in motion, unleashing power out of withdrawal, from the inscrutable depths of the mystery of androgynous nothingness, this spark that I have foretold is the same as the spark that moved all that ever was, or is, and will ever be.”

Most now struggled with this riddle, hunched or shrugged, and turned away.  Some were convinced the prophet was mad; delusional from having lived too long in solitude among the mountains.  They wondered smugly: Has Zarathustra not heard that God is dead?  Or that we mortals have replaced the Ancient of Days with the Will to Power?  We have submitted to hording and ignorance, are without compass, dimensionless, yet we are content.  We will not question.  We seek no communal fire to set our comfort and convenience ablaze.”

A few remained awestruck, however, touched by some reality deeper than isolation, convention, forgetfulness.  These latter were those who sensed the presence of lost language in the prophet’s words.  They were to become Zarathustra’s companions, as the spark foretold was re-birthing in the fertile depths of their souls.

Some of the companions believed the spark was love and the prophet had come down to the people to return the world to love.  For the world, they knew, was already far gone into hardness and hatred and into violence.  Steadily, under the cult and culture of desolation, the rootless world was reduced to wasteland.

Other of the companions believed the spark was freedom and the prophet had come down to the people to set the world free from fear and darkness, and from the abyss of history, the past, and the fatality of human self-reference.  These knew that only the greatest desire; the fire that leaps into belly and head from the furnace of the Creator; could reverse the world’s enslavement to affliction and conflict; to surrendering to the degrees of death, and to the dictates of death, devoid of beatitudes: existence without reverence, resistance, rebellion and hallowing.

But which group is right here: those who stolidly turned away? Those whose faces fell, as they showed the prophet their backs?  Or which of the two camps of companions, and what common ground would unite them?  Is love the key to liberation, or liberation the striving way, the rite of passage, to set love free?


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