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Cosmological Swans and Vultures
by Leah Sellers
2018-03-07 07:15:50
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Cosmological Swans and Vultures

Star Gazing
To find what ?
Cosmological Wonders ?
God ?
Aliens ?
Myself ?
Ah, the Crossing Point of the Constellation Cygnus !
Depending upon what Culture you were Imagined from and Gazed at
You are a Mighty Swan
A Powerful Vulture
If Swan, the focus was on Walking and Talking through Life with Grace
With the Ability and Strength of Character to Gracefully Adapt to the Evolutions, Challenges and Changes
Throughout your Life
And the Life of your Tribe
Intermingling with the Tribes of Others
If Vulture, you paid homage to the Harbinger of the Cycles of Life and Death
swan01_400Beginnings and Endings
The Entranceway and Exit
To the Space and Time of Humanity’s Beginnings
Puny speck of Cosmological Dust that I Am
I point at Cygnus
Swan and Vulture
With Steady Hand
I Star Gaze with Eyes of Wonder and Awe
At Possibilities
At Probabilities
While struggling for and with Constant Hope and Grace
Within the ever moving and swirling Energies
Of the Swan-Vulture’s Comings and Goings


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