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The Change We Want - The Change We Need
by Leah Sellers
2018-02-28 10:45:19
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Seventeen more Innocent Lives taken by a legally obtained and Allowed Semi-Automatic Combat Weapon.

Killing Machines, made to kill masses of Human beings as quickly as possible. That’s what Human Beings do to other Human Beings in a War Zone.

guns0001_400So, now the World, particularly America the Beautiful, has transitional, ever moving War Zones in their Schools, their Movie Theatres, their Churches, their Music Concerts, their Malls, their…..because these ‘Kill in Mass as Quickly as Possible and Re-load again to Murder more as Quickly as Possible’ Murder Machines are Allowed.

They are Allowed for Profit. They are Allowed for Political Manipulations and Machinations. They are Allowed due to the Fears of Others against a Tyranny which does not yet exist, but is being conjured into existence by the growth of these very Fears and Societal Shortcomings and Angers.

But from the Mouth of Babes comes the Truth. The Angry Truth churned into Outspoken Action ! Bless you All ! You are the Voice and Leadership of the Future ! The Solutions to a Better World are Awakened and Brought Forth from Within You !

During this time of tumult, Nationally and Globally, the Ancient Energies of Primal, Cruel Urges and more Enlightened, Compassionate Thoughts and Actions are more Heatedly and Chaotically Converging.

Nationally and Globally, Men and Women are also confronting the Violence inherent within Sexual Abuse, and Physical and Emotional Abuse in the Home. But these horrible Abuses in the Home are no different from one Nation physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually raping, torturing, maiming and murdering another Nation’s People with and through War.

The Destructive Energies are the same. The Actions and Reactions of the People involved are the same. The Predator and the Prey. The Victimizer and the Victim. The Abuser and the Abused. The Murderer and the Murdered.

Most of Humanity has Laws against Violence within the Home, but also simultaneously honor, revere and glorify the same atrocities and violations of the Body, Mind, Heart and Soul with and through War.
Monster-Men, primal, greedy, self-serving Chest-Thumpers like Trump, Putin, Duerte, Kim-Jong-Un and Others throughout our wondrous Planet thrive off of, and use and abuse, these Violences against Body, Mind, Heart and Soul to attain and maintain Power. And they all use Controlled and UnControlled Chaos, and a myriad of Lies that create even more Chaos, and more twisted and twisting Lies, to destabilize and undermine the Institutions and Societies around them, so that they can Control them and maintain that Control as they deem fit.

They weaken Institutions and Societies. Set Institutions and Societies against ThemSelves and other Institutions and Societies to maintain and increase their Power and Empire Building, while secretly enriching ThemSelves and stealing the Institutions and Societies they are sworn to protect and Serve blind.
When examined, these Monster-Men of Hubris and Chaos abuse and misuse their very own Families in one way or another.

EveryOne and EveryThing is a Tool to and for their Ambitions, their twisted and cruel Self-Aggrandizing Agendas and consumptive Treasure Troves. Treasure Troves hidden around the World in Banks complicit in the Monster-Men’s (and Women’s) Crimes for their own enrichment and growing Profits and expanding Powers Globally.

Fuelled by Money, that clinking, clanking Life’s Blood of all Global Economies, the Monster-Men (and Women) buy-off and pay-off Others to maintain their Veneer of Power and Control, when it is they, ThemSelves, who are the Chaos within, in a turbulent and destructive spin against all Institutional and Societal Structures without.
And they call their Destruction a Win, and the unsuspecting Demolished the Losers !

“Get out of My Way,” the Monster-Men (and Women) say, “This World is made for the Destroyers, and our Name is Chaos” !

And what keeps Humanity from Standing their Ground against such Destructive Energies ? Angry Apathy ! We all hang ourselves with it !

But when we give into Angry Apathy we are overtaken by the Monsters and their Chaotic Energies.
However, when Angry Apathy is Transformed into Compassionate Action, Understanding and Outreach then We the People become EmPowered. We, Together, can push back against the Destructive Energies of the Monster-Men (and Women). We the People can Evolve and Revolve into Creative Tornadic Spirals that spin in the opposite direction from the Destroyers.

We can Re-build, Re-Create and Re-Do what the Destroyers have selfishly Twisted, Destroyed and Undone !
For in Reality we are all simultaneously Winners and Losers and Losers and Winners, and everything else in-betwixt-and-between.

Lost Battles are a Lesson. Won Battles are a Lesson. Lessons to be Learned and Enhanced and Wizened by.

The Babes calling out for Social Justice and Safety of their Schools and all of our Public Places and Spaces are the Voices of Compassionate Action and Re-Action, Re-Invention, Re-Innovation, Re-Surrection and Re-Newal !

They are the Voices of Solution, Re-Solution, Healthy and Balanced Institutional and Societal Future Evolution ! We Will come out of the Destructive Chaos ! We Shall BeCome the Change We Want - the Change We Need ! We Shall Overcome ! We Shall Overcome !


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Mirella Ionta2018-02-28 12:37:17
U.S.A, Repeal the Second Amendment and pass stricter gun control laws:

It makes more logical sense to legally disarm all citizens and create an environment of peace and security than to legally arm all citizens and create an environment of fear and potential violence.

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