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by Abigail George
2018-02-24 11:49:51
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    Leonard Baskin’s half-monster
    stands elect under psychological
    scrutiny. The hanged creature
    had unlaughing eyes. Limbs that
    seemed to climb off the page’s
    epic improvised sacrifice. Graphic
    pressure morphing into untold
   gulf01_400 exposure. An x-ray life. This hideous
    minority seemed burdened with life.
    Visions. The masters and teachers
    of the artist. In the guise of the half-
    monster the longing for power is not
    subtle. There’s nostalgia there. Hope
    for the struggle for all of tomorrow.

When I found out I had chronic kidney disease

    You know it was an
    evening not so long
ago when I was alone with my thoughts.
    It had been a long day.
    Still the telephone did
not ring once. I wondered where she was.
    What she was doing.
In her presence I always felt self-conscious.
Everything that I did and said compared
    to her was very much
    a minority report. The
    years have transformed us
    both. We have gone our
    separate ways. Put down
    roots in different cities.
Our childhood house was an acute vulnerable nothing of a
    nest. A hurt locker. Raised by
    a mother who taught us to be tough
    girls on the outside. Tough girls with
    the call of fear, the flux of melting snow

and butterflies made
of light-hearted energy on
the inside of our souls.
She was an owl. Twigs
 for legs, my foal. The
shining landscape she
usually surveyed from the
window seat of an airplane.
Phuket, Thailand. India.
Prague. New York. Florida. Disneyworld.
I am at a loss for words.
She was a tidal force in
my life. She’s a ghost to
me. Pond. Her ghostliness self like

    rock crystals. Quartz. Though her vulnerability

is as private as a tree. I want
 to remind her by writing this that I too was a still a girl in some ways.

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