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Voice of Andrea Bocelli
by David Sparenberg
2018-02-24 11:50:42
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I am as sweet as the voice of Andrea Bocelli
I am as deep as the bottomless miracle of Shakespeare
as solid with sublime marvel as stones of Michelangelo
as full as the Tao of Beethoven with power to wed the
symphonic stars of heaven with choral oceans, moon-tides
forests and elder-sage trees of this living Earth

I am as small as the mustard seed of Jesus
a parable containing the complexity of Bach
a prayer as humble as the birds of Saint Francis (you know
the way that Giotto shows us Francisco’s simplicity) As
holy as the dancing laughter of wise and wandering Baal Shem Tov
I am as righteous with visions as prophets Isaiah the promise-maker
as Black Elk and Einstein and immortal Elijah As
big with mandala-dreaming as Willie Blake, and Corbin, and Doctor Jung

I am a trinity of animal, angel, human
wise but foolish, foolish with wisdom, both
clowning and striving to become human and holy

I am as sweet, as sweet as the voice of Andrea Bocelli:
beauty of a human become song.

“I am”, empathetic, shape-shifting poems are an old tradition, once especially prominent among the cultures of Native Americans and Celts, of both Ireland and Britain, which is to say, among people whose lives were connected to nature and seasons and cosmic cycles. Those who composed and recited to remember what Spirit reveals, and who built to ritualize connection and participation between Earth and Heaven.

andrea01_400So now, friend, make an “I am” poem of your own; celebrate through it creative pulsation and select accomplishments of our shared humanity.  Think ancient. Feel mandala.  Origami in time and space, folding and unfolding beyond human comprehension.  Not beyond fascination: Imagine.  Be different with your words from my words.  Be utterly—more completely you!  How wonderful to step and skip, hop, run, swim and fly beyond the burden and nihilistic terror of human comprehension!

I am the eternal life-force, truth-force: desire… I am the eternal, sheer, naked, vulnerable, living soul.  I am The Tree in the garden of your dreams.  I am that wind blowing off clouds playing out light and dark over your footsteps, along your pathways.  I am your music, your heartbeat, your song that sings—and I am happy to make you happy. the heart that beats, song that sings, happy, happy to make you happy.   You—being who you are.  Resonate: naturally supernatural, supernaturally Gaia-nature.  Stones are bones of Earth.  Rivers are Earth’s veins.  Re-collect: Recall…

I am part of all, this, of all.  I am of that…all. I am, bodied and souled, an angel of love.  That.  This. The he.  The she.  A prism.  An entity. Threshold, curve—temporal-spatial, quantum-questioner curve—Horizon.  What is spoken partnering with what cannot be adequately said.  What is seen and what desires to remain unseen.  Deep, deep in the reaches. Fathoms of recesses. The Forgotten; Rediscovered.  The Hush.

I am that eternal, of this living soul.  I am Tree in the garden of your dreams.  I am wind blowing off clouds that darken, scintillating, darkening and lighting, your solitude: meandering in The Way; way that is yours. My way.  Your way. Doorway… I am music, you, your music, ours, your heartbeat, ours; song that you sing happy-song… happy to make you happy.  I am of all this.  Why not that? One grain of sand, one drop of honey, and multiplicity, like golden, celestial mead, ooze of angels of love. Beauty of a human being become song, friend… Friend!  Friend: Shhhh…

I am the voice of Andrea Bocelli. 


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