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Trumpty's River City Pool Hall Scam-a-lam!
by Leah Sellers
2018-02-15 11:51:53
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“Harvey, what are you doing downstairs so early, hon ? It’s not even 5:00 yet,” Maybelle said as she walked toward her husband’s easy-chair.

“Oh, I had trouble sleeping after listening to the news last night,” Harvey mumbled.

“Harvey, why do have your military medal out ?” Maybelle queried as she drew closer.

“Just remembering the guys I became Buddies with over in Nam. And how all of us got there bright-eyed kids, and left Viet Nam hardened and in some ways disillusioned men. Some became alcoholics. Some drug-heads and pill poppers. Some of us just tried to act as though nothing had happened. As though we were welcomed Home by more folks than just our Families, if that. No parades. No Welcome Home Wagons. Most folks hated the War. Protested against it. Were ashamed of it. So, soldiers like me just shrugged our shoulders. Sucked it up and got on with it. Got on with Life.” Harvey answered seriously.

stuptrump1_400Maybelle frowned with concern, “What did you hear on the news last night, Harvey ? As I remember, I was washing the dinner dishes and not paying much attention to the television.”

“Well, the president you like to call Trumpty-Humpty-Dumpty is ready to take another Dumpty on America and her military men and women by ordering a Big Military Parade to satisfy and soothe his own dad-blamed Ego.”

“A Parade ? A Parade for what ? To celebrate what ? War ? Human Beings murdering other Human Beings on somebody else’s say so for reasons like the last few Oil Wars our nation’s kids have fought for the Energy Corporations, and the Politicians who were bought and sold by those very same Energy Corporations, who also, Corporations, Politicians, Weapons Makers and Dealers, All just happen to own stocks and stakes in all of those very same Energy and Weapons Making Corporations ?” Maybelle asked angrily.

“It’s disgraceful how wealthy all of those folks became over the lifetime hardships and burdens, and corpses of America’s children. America’s future generation. I hate that you were drafted into that dad-gummed Vietnamese War. Especially when I think about men like Trumpty-Humpty-Dumpty getting away scott-free from having to fight in that War, because of his Spoiled, Rich Boy deferments over bone spurs.”

“The last truly meaningful and righteous War America fought was World War II against all of those Global Dictatorial Fascists like Hitler and Mussolini. And now Autocratic Chest Thumpers a lot like them are rising to power again all over this dad-burned planet. It‘s as if Humanity never learns its Life‘s Lessons.” Maybelle added.

“I’m sorry, Harvey. Here I am going on and on about this, when it’s you suffering over what Trumpty-Humpty-Dumpty wants to do,” Maybelle said apologetically.

“It just seems to me that the Country needs Infrastructure repairs and upgrades right now, Maybelle. We need to fix our very dysfunctional and over-priced Healthcare System. We need to get our Economy to grow from the Middle and out both ends of the Rich and the Poor spectrums. We need to honor and keep our Word to the DACA folks. We need to fix our Immigration policy so that it, and the folks it involves, can’t be tossed about like a spinning football. We need to take care of the needs of our People. We need to be good role models of democracy, and Helping Hands for everyone abroad, so that the World can be certain that we have its back, and that they have ours. So, instead of wasting all of those millions of dollars parading our troops and War Machinery around, they should be spending it on the Veterans Hospitals and other Services. They should spend that money on the Troops in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world, and the Troops Families,” Harvey said heavily.

“Trump just doesn’t seem to have his feet on the ground or a full load up top. He seems to always need constant attention to himself. He’s always bragging about what a Big Man he is with a Big Brain, and Big Hands, and a Big Nuclear Button to push on this whim or this or that mean-spirited Tweet. Not even taking into consideration the millions of folks around the world it would maim or burn to a crispy fry. Of course, he likes crispy fried foods, and Dr. Peppers. So, that‘s right up his alley, I guess.” Harvey continued.

“Harvey, I have been telling you that he is a Television Flim-Flam Man, for a long time. He’s all Lights, Camera, Action and no Substance. Heck, the man doesn’t even like to read. We’ve got a president in this day and time, in the White House, that won’t even read the information given to him by his staff members,” Maybelle said sharply. “He sits around watching FOX news for most of the day, so that he can follow their lead on policy making. He’s nothing but a clever ignoramus !”

“He’s creating his own brand of Reality on his Reality T.V. set - the American people’s White House,” Maybelle spit out.

“It reminds me of that musical where this Flim-Flam Man comes into a town called River City, filled with good, hard working folks. And he wants and convinces them to all invest in a Pool Hall, a Sin Hall, with all of his charisma and charm, and cheating, seductive lies. And he puts on quite an Alternate Reality Show. He puts on a Big Parade ‘with a hundred and seven trombones close at hand’ that gets everybody, including him, in River City on a Feel Good high, . And the whole town falls for it, and gets swindled by the Swindler.”

“And our very own Country’s Financial Markets are hopping up and down right now like a bunch of skittish grasshoppers. What a Game that all is ! He’s a Con Man-Business Man who has never known anything but debt, and hardly ever paid any of his debts back. And he won’t show us his taxes, because he has something to hide. You mark my words. Otherwise, he’d be out with those Tax forms now, showing them off, and crowing all about how Big and Great and Massive they are,” Maybelle continued.

“His Trump University was ruled a Sham and Scam School by the Courts, and he’s having to pay off the law suits involved with that whole fiasco.”

“And Trumpty just loves Russia’s Bully-Boy Putin, because he’s a lot like him, and wants to form a Mafia Totalitarian Dictatorship just like his. Plus, I guarantee you that Putin and his Thugs have got Trumpty-Humpty-Dumpty in their pockets over financial wheelings-and-dealings-and-taking-money-out-to-the-laundry, and other such hijinx that stink !” Maybelle said disgustedly.

“And all of this Sexual Mess and Escapades taking place in and out of Trumpty-Humpty-Dumpty’s White House is just like visiting Hugh Hefner’s Play-Boy Bunny Palace ! It’s humiliating us all over the world ! Why don’t we have anybody in Congress who can or will stop this man ? His Name is Chaos ! He ruins everybody and
everything he touches. Our beautiful country included !” Maybelle almost shouted.

“Maybelle, you need to clam down. That’s why I didn’t talk to you about how I’m feeling in the first place. Because every time that man’s name is mentioned you pop a cork,” Harvey said shortly.

“And I’m sorry for that, Harvey. But can you blame me ?” Maybelle asked earnestly.

“I tell you what. Let ’ole Trumpty have his parade. Only our Troops won’t be marching in it, and saluting to his Dictatorial Envisionings. Instead, on every tank that tears up the roads on Pennsylvania Avenue, on every gun, and rifle, and cannon, and bomb, and air plane, and helicopter, and drone, and new fangled murdering Weapon our scientists have created, instead of finding the cure for Cancer and other killer diseases which is what they should really be doing, we’ll hang photos of every Soldier who has died in every War America has ever fought in.”

"We should make his Parade a March of the War Dead, because that is what War really is - Death. And we’ll have ’ole Trumpty and Kimmy and all of the other Autocratic War Mongers and Freedom and Equal Opportunity Destroyers all wearing Skeletal Death Masks, and Crowns of Rattling Bones. Because that is what their Legacy is. Nothing but Diminishment, Prostration, Suffering, Loss and Death. And that is the Destiny of the Nations that allow Selfish Tyrants like them to Rule !” Maybelle said ferociously.

Billy came running downstairs with his beagle, Ralph. “Mommy, I can’t find my tennis shoes.”
Maybelle immediately changed gears, and smiling said, “That’s because I washed them yesterday. You’ll find them on top of the dryer in the utility room. But check them first, and make sure they’re completely dry before you put them on. Okay ?”

“Yes ma’am,” Billy said as he scampered off to the utility room.

“How do you do that, Maybelle,” Harvey asked taking her hand in his.

“Do what ?” Maybelle asked, still smiling.

“Put on your Happy Face so quick when you feel you have to,” Harvey said smiling warmly at her.

“Oh, that’s nothing, Hon,” Maybelle answered. “I do it because I need to. Somebody’s gotta’ keep things running smoothly around here,”
Harvey’s smile widened. “And that’s you, is it ?”

“You bet it is, buddy. And don’t you forget it,” Maybelle said lightly kissing Harvey on the cheek.

“Now, I don’t know about you, but I could sure use a cup of coffee,” Maybelle said as she slid easily from Harvey’s embrace, and moved into the kitchen.
Billie came back into the den with his tennis shoes on. “They were totally dry, Mommy. Thank you.”

“You are most welcome, young man,” Maybelle said as she poured water into the coffee pot. “Now, you run on upstairs and get your sister to rise and shine. Tell her we’re having blueberry pancakes this morning.”
Billy’s face lit up, and he let out a hoop of delight as he pounded back upstairs to rouse his Big Sister.

“Harvey ?” Maybelle called out as she scooped the coffee grounds into the coffee filter.

“Yep ?” Harvey replied.

“I Love you, Hon,” Maybelle said warmly.

“And I Love you, Maybelle,” Harvey said as he closed the lid to the box holding his Medal of Honor. “And I Love you.”


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