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Question Mark
by David Sparenberg
2018-02-04 11:28:46
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Creator-God said, “Among Earth-creatures, which is most worthy of being the children of God?”  To God from within God the answer sounded sublimely: “Human.”

Chum01_400_01reator-God asked, “Among Earth-creatures which is most unworthy?”  Out of the depths the same answer rumbled angrily: “Human.”

Then God-the-Maker realized that a question mark had been introduced into creation.  Henceforth; over the threshold of time and space; notwithstanding impersonal and ambiguous forces of history and the fixed laws of nature; entire worlds, at every hour of every day, are decided by personal choices.

God said, “In the withdrawal of God from God, no player and no part is small.  Everything-everywhere is intricately and integrally interwoven.”

Even so.  Where then does the criminal against creation hide from justice?  Behind a tree?  Tree is on fire.  Beneath a stone?  Stone is submerged in flood.  Nowhere, except in hollow darkness.  Nowhere, except in the shell of his own shadow. 


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