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Eureka: MeToo, Bitcoins and France
by Jay Gutman
2018-02-05 11:27:15
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Today's world in Q & A format

Question: What's the #metoo campaign all about?

coinsd02_400Let me be very straightforward. And unapologetically so. You have two categories of women and two categories of men. You have prudes and you have sluts. That's the truth. Now prudes have a hard time working in industries dominated by sluts. Be it in Hollywood, or in any given industry.

The  #metoo campaign has not fully addressed the problem. Sluts on the one hand, both male and female, who don't mind trading sex for benefits. Not to metion drugs and everything else involved. Then, when producers get used to dealing with sluts, they end up thinking everyone's a slut.

Question: How do you solve problems surrounding sexual harassment or assault?

First, we need to acknowledge that it's not just in Hollywood or in politics. It's everywhere. We first need to define the concepts. Harassment means applying aggressive pressure tactics to get something. Assault is using violence to get something.

Now sex offenders have their playbook. They know how to find their preys. They rarely look at people who come from large close-knit families or communities. If so, they try to uproot you from your tight-knit family or community. That is they don't want you to have friends or family who are powerful enough to protect you. Then they play with money. They like to show that they have money and are willing to share it if you comply. That's kind of how it works. So how do you solve the problem? You need a fair amount of distance in any social setting. If someone's being too personal or asking too many personal questions, or is trying to corner you into their own space, you need a new job, a new community.

Question: Moving on the bitcoins. Why are bitcoins getting so much press?

First, because the value of bitcoins has surged since they were introduced. In the old days it was Apple stocks, people were like if you bought an Apple stock in 1984 and kept it you'd be a millionaire today. People are saying the same thing about bitcoins.

Bitcoins are a form of money. Some like to buy Hong Kong or Singapore dollars, others like to buy bonds or stocks as a safety net or as an investment. The idea for any investment is you don't want to put your life savings on anything. I believe, and I'm quoting from memory, that the great Dave Ramsay said that if you put 1,000 dollars a year for 25 years in any mutual fund you could retire a millionaire. In any given economy the idea first is to save money, which a lot of people don't, then you can invest it in bonds, stocks, mutual funds, Hong Kong Dollars or bitcoins. But you don't borrow money to buy bitcoins thinking their value is going to go up.

Question: Now to France. Some people say “France is back.” How can we interpret this comeback?

Je me souviens... I remember when France used to champion the values that I champion, individualism, secularism, democracy, egalitarianism and relativism. Of course you should add rigor and toughness  into the mix. Over the years France broke with the values of individualism, casting labels on all sorts of minorities. They broke with secularism, making mountains out of religious molehills. They broke with democracy, dialogue was almost impossible between trade unions and governments, governments were taking unilateral decisions. Then they broke with egalitarianism, as the boss liked to show that he was the boss. Finally they broke with relativism, suddenly anything not French enough was perceived as weird, the French couldn't even appreciate their own culture. Now those values seem to be on their way back, add a healthy dose of pragmatism into the mix. May that last, pourvue que cela dure.

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