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Ruminating in Bass Strait
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2018-01-26 10:35:54
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Ruminating in Bass Strait
By Ian C Smith

A different beach hedonism decorates these days.
Early fog burned off, wetsuited kite-surfers ski waves,
deftly dodging tinnies, rocks, and bathers.
A canopy eclipses the sun, a looming prehistoric bird
above my shadowed nape, this familiar waterline.

How many have walked in sadness by the sea’s ululation?
The coastal past, tides’ tug on other lives, dreams,
eddies the mind to my own arrival moons ago,
pre-progress, that fated screech of vested interests,
money a sorry surrogate for happiness.

Rumours wash in: a cruise ship off Trousers Point
part-owned by a crass woman swimming in money,
tourists in zodiacs from a white giant painted on blue
ushered to pub, gift shop, cards accepted, then bused
to the 40th parallel, a line across a skinny road.

A ship tracking this lonely line over my map
would need portage only three slim countries,
archipelagoes, to girdle the globe.  Here a traveller
keelhauled by loss might shelter from the wind’s roar,
glimpse future recollections of a sea-girt hideaway.  


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