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Dismissed by tomorrow
by Katerina Charisi
2018-01-25 10:42:12
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Dismissed by tomorrow

I scrape the dreams I chased with my own blood
I banish the lies with the carmine drops
My eyes follow the sky and I run;
I run as fast as I can to catch the horizon.

suny1_400Do I still have time to cross the limits?
Do I still have the strength?
If I’m still alive I’ll raise a glass for every false word I’ve been promised
For every endless night that together we cried.

Do you remember?

Our hair wet and stuck on our forehead from running too fast?
The flower wreaths we made only to find them withered?
The colors we chased each night?
Scattered on the ground the next morning, pieces of grey glass.

I will play in my guitar forgotten melodies for you to dance;
And I ‘ll let you pick one of all the dreams that I lay before you.
So you can make an amulet, to wear it around your neck
And when life challenges you, please, beware not to fall down.

Or if you will, make sure to get back on your feet.

I will give you a hope to tie around your waist
And a lively muse to whisper the words you so long to listen;
I will give you happy, genuine thoughts, a censer to banish all nightmares’ dark aspirations.

I will tell you when the sun comes out, to turn your head and open your eyes;
I will show you in the map where to find me.
And when we meet again, I want you to enchant me
With purple and gold braided stories from your past.

In this lonely journey of yours
You have shadows for friends and talk with them about your love;
About the songs you had to sing while you never learned the lyrics;
The dances you had to dance without knowing the steps;
About the pain of loss; Of everything you lost… once;

You look at the world with an empty glance; You are still dreaming.

Where are you wandering, laughing like this?
Which of your beloved ones do you remember and smile?
Why don’t you never shed a tear? You should have learned how to erupt by now.
You know that life is too short;
We will all be dismissed by tomorrow.

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