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No, It's Not Alright!
by Leah Sellers
2018-01-17 11:23:55
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“Maybelle, woman, I’ve been lookin’ all over for you,” complained Hyram. “I should’ve known to look in your Green House first.”

Maybelle, calmly looked up from the yellow rose bush she was pruning and watering. “Yes, Hyram, I am in need of a little Peace and Quiet amidst my Flowers today. Are you needing my help or my outstanding company right at this moment ?”

golfi01_400Hyram grinned widely,” Well, a little of both, if Truth Be Told. I was wonderin’ if you’d hold onto Jasper while I dig out the stone lodged in his hoof. That ‘ole mule is too full of smarts-and-vinegar for me to Trust just tyin’ him up to one of the posts while I’m tryin’ to mess with his hooves.”

Maybelle chuckled, “ Sure, I don’t mind lending a Helping Hand. Just let me finish up here, and we’ll head on up to the Barn to attend to Jasper. Besides, he likes and minds me better than he does you.”

“That’s ’cause you feed him and spoil him with those apples of yours every day,” Hyram said defensively, while laughing. “You have literally got that ’ole scalawag of a mule eatin’ right out of the palm of your hand.”

Hyram paused looking earnestly at his wife of thirty years. “What’s eatin’ at you, Maybelle ? Are you still upset over what President Trump said about Immigrants the other day ?”

Maybelle began to quietly hum Amazing Grace as she put the last bit of fertilizer into the soil around her yellow rose bush.

“Maybelle, you need to get over it. Men cuss, especially around other men. It makes ’em appear tough and no-nonsense. It helps them make their points appear stronger and more meaningful. You shouldn’t take it so much to Heart. Just ’cause a Man slings a few cuss words around, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Everything is gonna’ be alright. Just wait and see.”

Maybelle stared at her husband briefly, before answering evenly, “ No, Hyram, it is not Alright. It is not Alright to condescendingly refer to whole Groups of People and the Countries they hail from as Poop-holes, just because their skin color and customs are different from yours. And then proclaim that you want a bunch of white Norwegians to Immigrate to America in their stead to take the very same jobs you say you’re trying to save for the very disgruntled Group of People who voted for you in the first place.”

“No, it is not Alright,” Maybelle repeated firmly. “Donald Trump is a Racist. A Misogynist. A Xenophobe. A Deliberate and Practiced Liar. Donald Trump is the present day leader of the Trumpian-Bannonite White Supremacist, Race Baiting, Hate-filled and Fear ridden Nationalist movement. He’s just another Selfish, Self-interested, Small-minded, Small-hearted, Small-handed, Small-buttoned Autocratic Dictator-Wanna’-Be. History is riddled with them.”

“Donald Trump is nothing special, and he’s well on his way to making our Great Nation, America, and her marvelous and sacred Ideals and Values nothing special.”

“No, it is not Alright for our President to be the kind of man who serially cheats on his wife and kids. And, yes, I know that Bill Clinton did the same, and he was in the wrong, too, and Hillary Clinton paid the price for it, even though she won the popular vote by almost 3 million votes. And no, it’s not Alright for Donald Trump and his cowardly, Conscienceless henchmen and their Dark Demon Underbelly of America’s minority scapegoat Base to turn the Dreams of the Dreamers into Nightmares. And, no, it is not Alright for Donald Trump to grab Women by the genitals or sexually use them, just because he can. And, no, it’s not Alright for Donald Trump to divide our Country with his deliberate Confusion Illusions and Delusions, Greed, Hatreds and Fears. And, it’s not Alright, for Donald Trump to Obstruct Justice and the Truth whenever he feels like it, because he thinks he’s a King - a Monarch running a Monarchy. Tryin’ to subvert our most Just and Fair Laws and Order and Separate but Equal Institutions on a whim or out of Greed or Fear. Americans fought a Revolution to get away from that kind of Ruler and Rule and Transactional Law and Dis-Order ! Nothing Donald Trump is doing is Alright !”

“We have been given a President by the Game-playing Electoral College whose Brain and Character are Chaotic, Explosive and Implosive Poop-holes and a Mouth and Tweeter that on a daily basis spews out nothing but Poop for the American People and the Peoples of the World to have to digest, and get a horrible case of indigestion and more dysentery from !”

“One Lie after another. And the so-called leaders and cow-towed people he surrounds himself with have to also become UnEthical and ImMoral Liars to cover up his UnEthical and ImMoral Lies and Out-of-Touch Meanesses !”

“So, no it’s not Alright, Hyram,” Maybelle said emphatically.

“And now that you have disturbed the Peace and Quiet of my little Garden of Eden, let’s get on out to attend to Jasper. And if we’re lucky, he will kick some sense into that thick head of yours,” Maybelle said as she headed out of the Green House doors and up the hill toward the Barn, and the awaiting mule with a stone in his hoof.”

Hyram stood for a minute before following her mumbling, “That woman won’t even say the word Shit, but she sure has a way of makin’ a person feel like one.”


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