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Reflections of spring in a child's eyes
by Abigail George
2018-01-12 12:35:14
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Reflections of spring in a child’s eyes

refl01_400You fill my soul with
leaf and paradise and blue ivy.
Your shark teeth like
ivory. Your skin smooth and olive.
I am peacock-sky. You’re
heavy-set and filled with
the young-joy impressions of grass,
field, harvest. The tapestry
of your laughter-wrinkles are the
ocean to my river. Your breath to my lungs.
Your shore to my beach.
You’re loved my love but
in this part of the world you’re rich and space and valid. You’re all mine but every man/ woman in your world is a mother to you. Your arms and legs and words and shrieks and screams of delight, cries of sadness and hope grow at an alarming rate. You’re tall and small for your age. I declare, you are everything I’ve ever wanted in a boy. You’re my child.
My child. The son I did not have in my twenties, Or thirties or even my forties.

You pick up a worm call it
an earthworm. You pick
flowers for me and your
grandmother. I find myself in a
gold room in your eyes
smelling of mint, tasting of
gooseberries. We find angels
and birds and butterflies.
Today we found the angelic in everything together.
In everything. In everything
there is song and dance and music
and animation unfolding
before our very eyes. Mirror, mirror
on the wall, will my love,
my son, be loved when he
is grown up. Will he find a
soulmate, marry, be happy?
Atlantis at your feet Adonis!
Already your thoughts are so complex! You’ve cured me of my depression.
Of all of my negativity.
I am love too now in a way.

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