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The Land of Babel and a Herd of Wild Turkey The Land of Babel and a Herd of Wild Turkey
by Leah Sellers
2018-01-09 10:21:28
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“Yep, Jeb, I surely do enjoy teachin’ the Sunday School class they handed me,”  Harvey announced, as he and his old friend Jeb trammeled and crunched their way through the Autumn Woods in search of Wild Game.
“Today we were in the chapter of Genesis on the topic of the Land of Babel,”  Harvey explained.
“Don’t you mean the Tower of Babel. Harvey ?”
“Nope.  Babble wasn’t just in some old Tower, Jeb.  It was throughout the whole dad-burned Land.”
turk01_400“I can’t quote the scripture exactly word for word, but it reads somethin’ like, “the Lord did there confound the language of all the Earth and scattered them abroad upon the face of the Earth….” Jeb stopped his recitation suddenly when he noticed something in the distance.
Pointing down into a small valley below the tall hill they had been clambering up he said, “Looky, Jeb !  You see that Herd of Wild Turkey ?!  Must be thirty or more !”
“Flock”  Jeb said flatly.
“Yep, that Herd of Turkey is Flockin’ to left, alright.  Looky there !  Well, I’ll be !  Look at that Herd of Turkey zag all of ‘a sudden to the right !  Yep, they’re all Flockin’ under that grove of pin oaks down there !”  Harvey observed.
“Well, look at that would ya’ !  Do you see that passel of white-tailed Deer down yonder ?!”  Harvey exclaimed.
“Herd,”  Jeb said flatly.
“Yeah, I Heard ‘em running through that thicket of brush over to the right, too !  That’s what made that Herd of Wild Turkey veer to the right all of ‘a sudden !  Ha !  The Deer are Herdin’ the Turkey Herd !”
“Flock,”  Jeb said with a outright annoyance.
“Yeah, the Deer and Turkeys are all Flockin’ in the same area down in that little valley, alright,”  Harvey said agreeably.
“I give up,”  Jeb said flatly.
“I swear, Jeb, you wear out way too fast, Buddy.  You need to lay off of those Twinkies you’re so fond of,”  Harvey said with all of the good intentions in the world.
“Cupcakes,”  Jeb said gruffly.
“Now, no need to go insultin’ me, Jeb.  I’m no Cupcake, and you know that good and well,”  Harvey said peevishly.
“I give up,”  Jeb said flatter than flatly.
“Alright, alright !  Have it your way Twinkie Toes.  Let’s head on back to the truck,”  Harvey announced grumpily.  “Jeb, you need to think about joinin’ the gym or somethin’ ”
“Dumb Bell !”  Jeb proclaimed curtly.
“No, no.  They’re called Bar Bells, Jeb.  Bar Bells,”  Harvey incorrectly corrected.
“Harvey, I may have to have ‘atchou,”  Jeb grumbled.
“Kazuntite, Jeb !  God Bless you, Buddy !  Sounds like you’re comin’ down with somethin’.  No wonder you’re plumb tuckered out and out of sorts.”
“I give up, Harvey.  I have been out-Babeled by a prize-winning Babbler,”  Jeb declared.
“You and me both, Jeb.  You and me both,”  Harvey agreeably agreed.


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