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The power of music
by David Sparenberg
2018-01-04 07:28:10
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During Gotterdammerung Beethoven shoved the 9th symphony into his pocket and scurried to the summit of the Magic Mountain of Thomas Mann.

music0000001_400He called angels to gather around, "Suffer them unto the Power of Music," he said: the angelic choir, the soloists, the orchestral host with their heavenly instruments.

Music broke out, encircling the Earth.  The death-cult of tyranny was broken; the Fuhrer Principle shattered.  Ode to Joy proved as disarming as laughter!

Music became light.  Light became water.  Water became the fire of culture.  Suddenly, apocalypse was kaput!

*Gotterdammerung, from German mythology, is the end of the world and title of an opera by Wagner (Hitler's favorite composer); the Fuhrer Principle was the Nazi ideology concept that the Leader is never wrong (not to be questioned); Ode to Joy, the poem Beethoven set to music in the final movement of the 9th symphony.


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