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And this (New) year And this (New) year
by Gordana Mudri
2018-01-01 12:45:37
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Somehow December looks more and more like the last moments of a marathon race; when you put all your strength into a single goal - to reach the finish line. Except, in this race, there is no rest at the end.

Everyone rushes, trying to complete tasks, to pay all the bills, to clear relationships issues, to answer the remaining questions, as if  some kind of a deadline was set for the last minutes of the current year.

shine1_400And then we wait for the midnight bells, expecting that new and better year to start; forgetting that this last one was also greeted with the same hopes and now we can not wait to close the door behind it.

We will hug each other wishing health, money, success ... all that material and immaterial things we wish every single year to the people around us.

And many of us will take some new decisions because right now, this year, the stars will align and the universe will finally resonate in the same rhythm with our wishes.


After all the political and economic scandals that have left us in disbelief, after all these fake news and promises we evidently don't believe anymore, after the escalation of hate speech and intolerance even from those places that should act in the opposite direction, it is quite expected that we all want, as soon as possible, to get  out of this swamp we stepped into.

And this magical date with which we enter into the next year acts as a salvation. Like some new beginning.


We will wake up in the morning a bit drowsy and still euphoric, hoping for a miracle of better life and for the positive change. And then, after a short time, the New Year's decisions will no longer be so strong, the euphoria and the fireworks will vanish, the time will roll in a steady rhythm, and there will be no miracles.

Because there is no magic wand that will erase accumulated problems. There is no magic powder that will transform this country from the land of incompetent ones to the land of capable ones overnight.

There are only buses that take the young people, our kids, to some other well-organised countries that have long since passed their catharsis and devoted themselves to the future.

Desperate ones remain here, waiting for salvation from the heaven. Waiting for a leader who will solve all the problems for us, and we will continue to curse our fate sitting in the armchairs.

 And the new year becomes the same swamp we thought we left behind.

There is no change.

And it won't be any change as long as we feel jealousy for other people successes and as long we enjoy other people failures, as long as we point with our finger trying to find culprits around us, as long as we love ourselves and our own needs so selfishly that our ego runs unleashed.

There will be no change as long as we do not realize that we can not go forward in our selfishness.

There will be no change as long as we don't admit to ourselves that we are doing nothing but we are destroying the future of our children.

There will be no change until we finally look at the people around us and give them our hand.

There will be no change until we overcome the fear of change.

So, in this new year, let's finally cross the Rubicon and be the change we want to see in the world around.


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