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The Spreading and Threading Corptocracies of the World The Spreading and Threading Corptocracies of the World
by Leah Sellers
2017-12-28 12:30:08
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Oh yes, those slowing creeping, deeply seeping Corptocracies of the World.  Led by well trained and maintained CEO and CFO and BAH and Omega and Zeta and… highly ambitious Capitalizing Capitalist Autocrats of Transactional Wheelings-and-Dealings that they consummately stroke and hype so that Consumers Consume whatever they have to Proffer with bestial and highly manipulating and manipulated delight !  Oh what a Sight !
corpr01_400Yes, some are Consciously and SubConsciously Benevolent.  They Intend no real harm to Individuals or Societies as a whole.  And some are Consciously and SubConsciously Malevolent.  They have little or no Conscience, but they do have plenty of Ambition and Greed.  They have voracious appetites to Own and Consume everything and everyone on the Planet, because they want to.  Because they Can.
How easy it is for that type of Malevolent Can-Man or Can-WoMan to become a Malevolent Con-Man or Con-WoMan who Rule over the Lives of hundreds, of thousands of millions within the Corptocratic Empires they breathe Life and Conscienceless Capital into.  Capital thrives, while everyone else does naught but strive to Survive, and Grab whatever they Can on the Way Up-the-Down-Staircase.  Elevator anyone ?
Some of the Autocratic Corptocrats become Kleptocrats of Nations they have accidentally or incidentally gotten their rending paws and jaws upon.  They Schmooze whom they choose, and Oligarchs already made or newly made by the Autocrats very own Plans and Clutching Hands are put into Local, National and Global Play.  Placement in hierarchies is everything or so they say.  A lowly and broke Bureaucrat yesterday, becomes a Director of Cons and Scams today.  Capital is what eases and greases the Wheels of their ever churning and burning Deals.  Capital decides what’s Fiction and what’s Real.
Think it’s an accident that Internet Neutrality has been bought and sold by the Trumpian-Bannonite Kleptocrats to Capitalize, use and abuse, stifling and suffocating Free Speech and Thought ?  Especially as the West is being undermined and challenged by already existing Dictatorial Autocratic Kleptocrats around the World ?  Really ?!
Think it is an accident that Trumpty and Scootin’-Putin understand one another so well ?!
And the grueling Ruling Kleptocrats just love Corptocracies that despise Democratic Governments, For the People and By the People, which Regulate and have Constitutional Laws to Protect the overall interests, prosperity and healthy Futures of their People.  Healthy and Patriotically led Democratic Governments get in the way of Capitalizng Capital !  They get in the way of the Rise, the growth and spread of the rigidly hierarchical Trickle Down to the Ground Corptocratic Empires who want to seed, breed and sire their Power and Control throughout the Globe according to their gains and means, whims and desires !
So, the Free and Neutral Internet and Democracies, and any and all other Enemies, must be undermined, must be Owned. They must be guided into Silence of all kinds through over-reaching Capital, surveillance, omission of Sites from Sight. They must be made to be confusingly doubted by their People so that the People become bleating Sheeple in the rending paws and jaws of the voraciously needy and ever greedy Autocratic Kleptocratic Corporatists and their ever expanding Ambitions and Capital-Sucking, Life draining Empires.
It’s all Dollars and Cents.  Silver and Gold.  Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Pearls and Plutonium.  Artic, Jungle and Public National Parklands made Privately owned for Climate Changing Oil Rigs, Fricking, Fracking and Cracking, Copper and Coal Mines, sucking the Earth empty and dry of all of Her Minerals and Waters of all kinds !  Ching-Ching !
The Autocratic, Kleptocratic Corporatists must manipulate and end Freedom of Thought of any kind or whim in order for Capitalism and their Corptocratic Empires to Ring-a-ding-a-ding with Power and Bling !
The Kleptocratic Corporatists are busy decorating and Creating their very own Bought-and-Sold-and-Mergingly-Owned Spy World !  Gotta’ keep those Sheeple manipulated by Opiate Mechanical Distractions and Reactions to what they are told or daily behold by the Corptocratically Owned Air-Waves, Micro-Waves, Sound-Waves, Ultra-Waves…..
Welcome to the Rising Global Corptocratic Living and UnForgiving Nightmare boys and girls !  Having fun yet ?!


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