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The lost meaning The lost meaning
by Katerina Charisi
2017-12-24 11:35:37
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Every year we lose another reason to decorate and celebrate Christmas. Every year we are in less and less festive mood. Every year we believe a little less in miracles. Every year the crafted Christmas spirit loses a bit of its shine. It’s true though, that everything might look a little dim …if you can’t pay it.

decor01_400And somewhere at this point, you stand in front of the fancy windows and your eyes reflect the flashing of the thousands Christmas lamps; your hands are deep in your jacket’s pocket crippling you children’s scribbled letters to Santa Claus and the list with the gifts you can’t buy to put under your scrawny plastic tree that never seems capable to hold the dull golden star on its top. 

And you realize that you just forgot the meaning of all this.

Somewhere at this point, passers-by nudge you as they rush with their hands full on gift bags and wrapped boxes; all of them unable to see beyond the pleasure of their purchases.

They don’t see the homeless man struggling to keep himself warm in his carton box-house.

They don’t see the families of the refugees forgotten for months in their muddy tents struggling to survive another cold night.

They don’t see you.

This year you’re going to put less on the festive table and one more chair will be empty because you can’t afford feeding them all. The passers-by can’t possibly know about the silence that will hover heavily among you, because of the absence of those that won’t be with you.

They don’t even notice that the young couple across the street live in the dark for the last week because they couldn’t pay their electricity bill. Or if they noticed, they don’t seem to care.

And you realize that you just forgot the meaning of all this.

Somewhere at this point of the extreme fake euphoria, your head feels ready to explode by the excessive dose of manufactured happiness from the TV shows, the unstoppable ads for great deals and gift suggestions. The destinations that you’ll never be able to fly to, the sightseeing that you’ll never be able to see; the fake snow that falls on the city’s squares stuffing your nostrils and making you cough, the music blasting from the huge loudspeakers on the streets and the sleigh’s tiny bells that *supposedly approaches*,  to just simulate the proper festive mood with scaring patronizing style, all that makes you want to scream in their stupidly happy faces: I don’t see any point for all this!

You only feel hypocrite enough.

And you wrap the hypocrisy three times around your neck and tight it, you put your most devious fake smile on your face, you take the list out of your jacket’s pocket and you just follow the others into the stores.


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