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Oh Massah! You the Man! Oh Massah! You the Man!
by Leah Sellers
2017-12-24 11:35:22
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A distillation of the Interactions between Trumpty, and his Republican henchmen as they applauded and lauded, and Ceremonialized, their Betrayal of 99% of America with their Theft Package of a Robin Hood Bill in Reverse.  This Great Lie, this Bill of Faulty Goods, they call the Tax Reform and Jobs Bill has stolen, and will continue to steal, from the Middle Class and the Working Poor, and America’s overall Protective Social Nets, while putting future generations into one to two trillion dollars in Debt. And they have given it all away to the Already Rich here and abroad and the Global Mega-Corporations :
txa01_400Oh Massah !  We Love and Adore you Bigly and Massively, Massah !  We grovel and bow down before you, Massah  !  You the Man !
The Crops are in from the fields.  The cattle, goats, sheep and chickens are all fat and sassy.  We did the Work, and most of the Bounty goes to you and your Family, and Friends and other Plantation Owners you’re interested in Tradin’ and Wheelin’-and-Dealin’ with or in Hock to.
But we know that some day some Dog scraps and Pig knuckles and Chicken feet are gonna’ Trickle Down to our empty tin plates, Massah.  “Cause, You the Man !
Your leadership is exquisite !  Sure, our Children have no doctor to tend to them when they’re sick or hurt, but neither do any of the rest of us who tend to and work your fields, Massah.
Your rule is wise and winsome !  Sure, our Children don’t need Book Learnin’ the way your Children do.  None of us who tend to and work your fields your have any Book Learnin‘, Massah.
But we’ll make due, ‘cause that’s what’s expected of us, and that’s what we do !
You have Trained, Punished and Kow-Towed us well enough, Massah !  Yes Suh !  Helleluiah and Praise the Lord !  “Cause we all know that you and your Lord keep what’s passed and put into the plate for yourselves, ‘cause You the Man, Massah !  You got it all !  You Own it all !  You Own
The Lord, Massah !  “Cause You the Man !
We are grateful for the Protection of our quarters, Massah.  The drafty stables and shacks with leaky roofs.  We make them as comfortable and as clean as we can.  Yes, we do Massah !  You the Man !
Our lives are lived Hand to Mouth.  What we Make and Create with our Hands goes straight to your Mouth, ‘cause You the Man, Massah !  You the Man !
You De-serve it all, ‘cause you Own it.  We Built it.  We Keep it Alive with Bounty with the sweat from our brows, and our measly efforts and Lives, but you Own it.  You the Man, Massah !  You the Man!
Good times or Bad - it doesn’t matter.  If you’re a Good Natured Massah - we’re Really Lucky.  If you’re a Bad Natured Massah, well say we’re Lucky, and go on about your Business Heads and Spirits bowed low.  “Cause Massah, You the Man !  You the Man !


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Mirella Ionta2017-12-24 19:59:08
Merry Christmas Ms. Sellers! The Corporate Tax Cut (profit tax) is not a bad idea as it is meant to attract new investors to America to set up shop there, and existing investors can have more capital to buy other shares in corporations or even acquire them. All this in the hope corporations will have more capital to hire more workers, increasing productivity in the U.S.A, increasing the GDP, and the general standard of living.

But I agree with you that the way Trump is dealing with issues is tacky and arrogant. He himself is unethical so everything he will pass seems invalid and inauthentic.

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