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by David Sparenberg
2017-12-24 11:35:54
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To fall in love outward (Robinson Jeffers) is a major accomplishment in the Great Work of planetary renewal.  This is especially significant (and challenging) in a commercialized society possessively enforcing estrangement from natural reality.  Capitalism works to replace nature with market value.

davilove01To fall in love outward means to embrace, fully, the implications of a radical awakening, namely that each person, in the conditional vulnerability of personhood, needs a connection greater than the illusionary monadism of the mortal self.

From every such connection acts of beauty; the intuitive impulses to liberate and do what is good and right for life (Joanna Macy & John Seed); flow out into this world of  mutuality, to increase healing and acculturate change.

Here, in our danger zone, in this age of forced extinctions, rainbow warriors emerge with a recovered and re-discovered code of reverence.  To be an ecosopher (Earth-wise), or eco-poet, or eco-musician, a mandala dancer (radical amazement in body shapes in motion), threatens the inert with creative movement, the inanimate with growth, and the cult of death with the fertility of roots, soil, soul and life.

To be an ecosopher, thriving through eco-self, an eco-poet, eco-musician, mandala dancer or green mage, is to deliberately create to subvert the shallow mind and shallow lifestyle, democratizing the experiential depths and power-archetypes of affirmed belonging, between Heaven and Earth..

Here is what ecologist Bill Devall has named the Return of the Orphic Voice.  Like the myth of Orpheus, the return is shamanic, having gone down into the little death of initiation and reconstitution, and having re-emerged with the power to enchant, transfix and transform.

This a code for life!  Work is in it, countercurrent work, immense responsibility and a living fire of hope.  A breath of living hope, that is.

To recap: To fall in love outward is to embrace the human need to be connected with reality greater than individual mortality.  For some the connection is God or Goddess,  is mountain, forest, river or sea; is in diversity of species or the sublime tapestry of galactic stars.  The point is to embrace flesh and color.  Flesh is of the Earth.  As to color, my suggestion?  Green!


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