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That Distant Sparkle - That Glimmer....
by Leah Sellers
2017-12-23 09:27:08
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That Distant Sparkle - That Glimmer…….
See ?
That distant Sparkle - that Glimmer in the Water’s Horizon
There - flickering and blinking
lea01_400_06Amidst fallen autumn leaves
Reds, golds, oranges, yellows
Afloat and traveling
Stuttering and careening
Over Stones and Pebbles
Jagged and Rounded
Down the Tall Hill toward my two feet
And Zella’s four paws
High Dancing Grasses
Blown by
Steady, and now Gusting Winds
Sigh with brittle swish and crackled Breath
Percussively joining with Water’s crystalline Song
The remaining leaves on the Great Trees rattle and hiss
Rustle and stir
Zella, beautiful and energetic Canine
A black and fox brown
Min-Pin-Wanna’-Be- Rescue-Mutt
Affixed by my side
Is alert and attentive
Ears Uplifted
Thoroughbred Body taut and ready to Move
Looking in the same Direction as I
Does She, too, Wonder about that distant Sparkle -
That Glimmer in the Water’s Horizon ?
There - flickering and blinking
Amidst gurgling Waters
Energetically Alive upon Earth and Stone
Slipping and sliding toward
My, and Zella’s, sturdy and familiar feet and paws ?
Does She Sense something Beyond
As I Do ?
Both She and I find our Eyes
Wandering back up the Tall Hill
Defying Gravity
Following the River’s Stream
Of reds, yellows, silvers, golds, Earth and Stone
To the Origin
To that distant Sparkle - that Glimmer……


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