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Eureka: Europe's obsession with religious minorities
by Jay Gutman
2017-12-27 11:55:37
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First I wanted to title the article France's obsession with Muslims. Then I thought maybe Europe's obsession with Muslims. Then I thought there was quite a bit of overlap between France's treatment of Muslims and France's treatment of its Jewish minority. Then I realized there was much overlap between France and the rest of Europe. Then I realized there was a bit of overlap after all. So I hope this will be an accurate, brief, concise, simple but complete report on Europe and its obsession with minorities.

Trelif01_400here are essentially three lens of views on Europe and its treatment of religious minorities, which tend to overlap. There's the Marxist-Leninist lens, the nationalist lens, and then the Islamic lens on things. Let me explain further.

Marxism-Leninism is more prevalent in Europe than in many parts of the world, although it has become prevalent on university campuses from anti-Communist South Korea to the United States to places like the United Kingdom, Canada or Austrlia and New Zealand which have no traditional Marxist-Leninist political parties. Marxists basically believe that we live in an imperialist world, that large companies are fighting for world domination. Many believe, through anecdotal evidence, that the Jewish people are behind the conspiracy to dominate the world.

Using anecdotal evidence, Marxist groups find that a few conglomerates are headed by Jewish businessmen (in fact many others are not headed by Jewish businessmen) and that financial centers are dominated by Jewish financeers .Financial districts are one place where you find everyone from Saudi princes to Nepali leaders' children to Albanians to Liberians to Zimbabweans etc. name any country and you'll find their business and political leaders on Wall Street and on other financial districts. Through ambiguous theories, Marxists believe that a group of people (the Jews) want to dominate business and finance, and using anecdotal evidence, they give examples of Jewish business and financial leaders, failing to mention those of other backgrounds. They also believe the media is owned by the Jews and encourages Jewish domination of business and finance, and so are politics.

Marxists believe that ownership of business and finance should be at the hands of the proletariat, but that somehow the proletariat is subdued by the media and global finance. Nationalist and Islamic elements within Marxist parties like to add the Jewish hand into the mix of such theories.

Then you have nationalists. Nationalists are not comfortable with the ideas of globalization (overlap with the Marxists) and are not comfortable with the presence of international conglomerates within their borders (overlap with the Marxists). They often mention that foreign business should leave the country and that national business should come back to the country. The surprising thing is they say this with very little consultation with the conglomerates.

Where minorities come in is nationalists believe minorities should adapt to the local culture and are not comfortable with the presence of exotic names in the media landscape, in finance, in business and in politics. They tend not to be comfortable with non-European origins of any business, political or media personality. They tend to believe that the arrival of immigrants has corrupted traditions, including choices of names, the sports landscape, the media landscape and the artistic landscape. Where there's an overlap with the Marxists is they believe all this is encouraged by what they call “the Jews” who they believe want to mix cultures so they can better blend in and dominate the business, media, political and financial landscape. Those investors from Serbia, Libya, Gabon or Venezuela or other places? They tend not to be mentioned. Nationalists use the same tactics: ambiguity and anecdotal evidence.

Now to the Islamic lens. There is a little bit of overlap between the nationalist lens, the Marxist lens and the Islamic lens. The Islamic lens in the mix believes Judaism diverts from religion to focus on finance, business and hedonism. The Islamic lens believes that the anti-religion movement is spearheaded by Judaism, again using ambiguity and anecdotal evidence. Where there's an overlap with Marxism is that the Islamic lens believes that consumerism, mass media and the sex industry are Jewish inventions, which overlap with and feed off each other.

The internet has helped put forward a lot of these theories. Marxists need votes, nationalists need votes, Muslims need rights and perhaps votes. When there's no clear platform of governance, you play the ambiguity card. When you don't know master the topic you're talking about, you use anecdotal evidence.

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