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Trumpty's Machinery of Flim-Flam Pomp and Circumstance Trumpty's Machinery of Flim-Flam Pomp and Circumstance
by Leah Sellers
2017-12-21 11:11:46
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Yes, Trumpty is quite the Chest thumping and bumping Flim-Flam, Scam-Man, Con Man, Show-Man !  He knows how to use and abuse the creaky, squeaky Antiquated Machinery of pompously pomped-up Pomp and Circumstantially Circumstanced Circumstance !
flynn01_400Air Force One helicopter’s motor revving and roaring loudly in the background and foreground of a Press Corp Opportunity.   Just one of many of Pomposity’s Noise-making Machines of Powerful Dis-traction and annoying Con-traction !
As Trumpty stands in his self-made winds of arrogant pretense of Con-fidence saying, “ don’t want to talk about Mike Flynn’s pardon, YET.
Boom !
Everyone goes manic.  Did he say, “YET” ?  Hard to Hear over all of that Pompous and circumstantial Noise and False Bravado.  Does anyone around here read lips ?
Yep, Trumpty said, YET.  Threatening Special Investigator Mueller and his methodical and very effective Investigation into Trump and his monarchical clan, his millionaire, billionaire, trillionaire, zillionaire (Whew !  Hard to keep up with) cohorts, cronies and Donors from around the World.  The ongoing Investigation into Russian Collusion and Obstruction of Justice and meddling in America’s Democratic Processes, while undermining the reputation of the Nation’s revered FBI.  And all because the Trumpian Crock Pot is getting a bit too Hot for Trumpty (and Gang) to endure or scandle- handle.  Tsk, tsk !  Power Mongering is filled with risk !
But, too late !  In-Like-Flynn has spilled the beans and his guts to National and State Law and Order Keepers and Guardians of America’s Democracy.  Too late, to be putting out that stinky FAKE Bait, Trumpty !  Oh, Hum-Bug and Harumphty !
While Trumpty and his cronies and cohorts try to flood our American Courts with Unfit Judges (much like they flooded our presidential Cabinet with UnFit Cabineteers with Mickey Mouse FAKE Smiles and Seductive Lies for some of the Middle Class’s and Working Poor’s Ears).  Candidates who do even Know the Law at all !  Can not even answer questions a First Year Law Student could recount with ease, if you please !  And all because they want to flood the American Courts with so-called Con-servative sleaze to appease their Wealthy (but not Democratically healthy) Moaner-Groaner Over-Privileged, Over-reaching and Over-Controlling Donors !  They will be America’s sad Swan Song !
While the Red Raging Republicans cram a gigantic Tax Cut for the Rich, Richer and Richest and Mega-Corporations which will make them even Wealthier and more Controllingly Powerful !
They sweep and steep the Nation in their more effective Owning and Controlling Kleptocratic Ways and Means (yes, Putin is very proud of and preening over these incidental, and even somewhat accidental pomps and circumstances, because he rules his Thugtocracy with his pompous and circumstantial Oligarchic Gangsters and Thieves, and their made-to-be-Royal-Families, and well paid-off cohorts and cronies).  And for this to occur We the People must have Treasonous, Betraying, totally Selfish so-called Leaders who care for Nothing More than their own Ambitions and Pocketbooks to sell-out and eventually corrosively devastate America’s presently stumbling, fumbling and listing, but functioning Democracy !
Oh yes, they will Profit and Prosper when and while the Middle Class and Working Poor are further politically mugged and robbed, economically starved and flogged, and made subservient to their Needy Greeds - their falsely bestowed and crowed over Circumstances and Pomposities !
The 99% will be left with a continued Too High cost of Living and flat and suffocatingly stagnating, Stagnated Wages !
 And the FCC, which used to Protect and Guard All Americans (and the World's) Human and Economic Rights and Internet interests, has also been gutted, and betrayingly handed over to the Kleptocrating Kleptocrats as well !  Do Tell !
Dah !  Dah !  Putin and all of America’s Frenemies and Enemies look with uneasy glee at the frenzied and rabid Trumpian-Bannonites determined to plunge onward and into the Democracy-Killing fray !  And there are so many more planned and yet-to-be planned high-jacking Hijinx coming We the People’s way !
While some American’s stand aghast and amazed, confused and dazed, seeing the Titanically careening 18-Wheeler headed their way.  But they are frozen in time within doing the Right Things to stave it off Democratically - which takes Time.  Time We the People do not really have !
We the People must take the China-Breaking and Earthshaking Bull by the Horns, and remove him and all of his ilk out of the Nation’s Cabinet using the Laws and Institutions our ForeFathers and ForeMothers already have in place, while We the People take Our Voices, Our Wills, Concerns and Better, more Democratically Egalitarian Energies out into the Streets !
There may not be much Pomp in those Circumstances, but there are Democracy Saving Means and Ways of Salvaging Salvation and strengthening Introspective and Retrospective Resurrection to a Future greater Guardianship and Stewardship of America’s (and the World’s) Sacred Democratic Ways !

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