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The secret of number 13 The secret of number 13
by Gordana Mudri
2017-12-20 11:25:11
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13 people at the last supper

13 steps to the gallows

13 turn on hangman's knot

13 members of witches' coven

13_0002_400Not to say that bad Loki was 13th God in Norse mythology and that Knights Templar were arrested and condemned on October 13th.

Very mysterious and very significant number...

People would say very unlucky number.

And here, we passed it. 13 years.

We could say it is a magnificent number and we reached it thanks to the enthusiasm and stubbornness.

Not that it was easy.

After all, we are all only humans and all these things around make an impact on us.

It's not easy to write sometimes. There are so many events (and we must say that the last year was very bad in many aspects) and it could happen that we just stay without words because our minds are overwhelmed and chaos in this world makes chaos in our thoughts. We want to say so much that... we just have no words.

Some of us disappear for a while, people come and go, but the team exist.

And that is the secret of Ovi's number 13. Someone is always here; someone always has something to say. And the most important - one man is always here to keep us together.

For all of you from east to west, from north to south, in warm homes or cold shacks, for all of you with a spark in your hearts, if one of us falls take his flag and raise it high.

As long as one voice is screaming, there is the light in the dark.

Happy birthday Ovi warriors and walk bravely for the next one.


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bohdan2017-12-21 04:13:09
Thank you Asa and Thanos for being there for us all these years.

Your hearts and souls are your most kindest gifts to us all.

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