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Reflection on the Verge of Midnight
by David Sparenberg
2017-12-17 09:33:24
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Reflection on the Verge of Midnight

candl01_400I believe in soul as a metaphysical entity, and I believe that soul is an individual concentration of the universal elan vital. This vital force; having origin at the inception of time; as specifically contained within a condition of mortal consciousness manifests as interdimensional perception and episodic memory.  This is the perceptivity of connectivity and the memory of continuum. To express the perception and memory of soul is to sing the world.  This is an affirmation of adoration; an adoration of affirmation.

An identifiable intensity of active soul energy we call spiritual passion.  A person creatively invested with the power of soul is a soulful person.  Sometimes an individual comes into the world of existence as a great soul.  It maybe that greatness of soul is a potential which, through the spiritual evolution of our species, will become democratized?

To get there, however, we must nurture as well as honor the soul through reverence for life and, collectively, make the choice of life over death, a choice that turns the passage of life toward enlightenment.   

What is happening in our world today is a radical increase in the necessity of these choices.  Will we survive long enough to become the living truth of who we are?  Life lived in response to this question is our single most defining challenge.


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