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A Man of the Ten Commandments Law and Order
by Leah Sellers
2017-12-12 09:34:22
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In a Reality filled with unComfortable unTruths and denied Truths not so far away - in fact, all too unComfortably nearby………
“Jennie Lee, help me get my show piece Pistol in my pocket, would ya’ ?  My new jeans are awful tight,”  the Senator-Wanna-Be asked the Church Lady giving him a hand getting ready for his upcoming political speech.
“Sure thing, Roy,”  Jennie Lee said as she attempted to stretch Roy’s tight jeans pockets with her steadfast hands.  “You sure look handsome in your Howdy-Doody Cowboy hat, Hon.”
roy00001_400“Thank you, Jennie Lee.  Had it special ordered from a shop in San Antonio, Texas just for today’s speech,”  Roy answered casually.
“And I love that leather vest with the Marshall’s Badge.  I just love a Man in Uniform,”  Jennie Lee cooed.
Roy grinned wolfishly.  “Here, I think I can stuff my Pistol in my jeans pocket now, Jennie Lee.  See, fits like a glove.  I had my vest tailor-made.  Some Alabama knot-heads may have fired me twice when I was a State Judge for dis-obeying the so-called Law, but I am a Man of Law and Order.  A Man of the Ten Commandments Law and Order.”
I am a Man of Tradition and Traditional Values.  As I have said many times before, Slavery is in the Bible.  It is a Natural State of and for Inferior peoples.”
“White Men like me deserve to save money and to own our own Slaves so that we can get important things done.  Hells Bells, what does everybody think that the underground low wage and under-paid Immigrant Seasonal Labor and their Camps are all about ?!”
“Or the Sex Trade of young Immigrants or the Poor is about ?!  Supply and Demand.  That’s what !”
“Those young Immigrant girls and boys are Slaves to their Pimps - their Boss’s wishes.”
“How do you know so much about all of these things, Roy ?  We don’t have things like that here in Mobile,”  Jennie asserted abashedly.
Roy gave her side-grin of knowing disbelief, and continued.  “And what does everyone think about the decades of continued low wages suffered by most Americans.  That’s a form of Slave Labor.  It keeps folks in Need, and just miserable enough to seek enjoyment or respite in other Reality Money Spending Consumer tendencies such as buying booze or other drugs, smoking cigarettes, buying video games, getting addicted to all of their mechanical doo-dads.  Pshaw !”
“A lot of folks have to work two jobs or more just to make ends meet.  Almost every family today has to have both the Dads and Moms working outside of the house.  Whose raising the kids ?  The addictive mechanical doo-dads, that’s who - that’s what !”
“I must admit that my grandbabies don’t get outside to play and be creative all on their own as much as I did when I was growing up,”  Jennie Lee agreed.
“So, why is everybody on my back for being honest about a more honest form and Culture of Slavery ?  Answer me that, Jennie Lee !”
Jennie Lee began to do just that, but was interrupted by the continuation of Roy’s intended soliloquy.
“Mega-Banks have so much Power that they Own all of us.  They Own our States.  They Own our Nations.  That’s why they don’t want to be Regulated or Overseen.  That’s why they don’t want to be broken up into Small, Local Banks again.”
“They are drunk on their Power. And why not ?!  Power in a White Man’s Hands is good.  It keeps the lesser races in control and under our nice, shiny leather boots.”
“You like my nice, shiny leather cowboy boots, Jennie Lee ?”  Roy asked unexpectedly.
“Well, I did until you said what you just said, but….”
Roy interrupted Jennie Lee again.  He had a habit of doing that to people.
“And these perverted same sex marriages and gay folks ?  It ain’t natural.  God did not make us to be that way…..”
This time Jennie Lee interrupted Roy.  “Then why do homosexuals exist, Roy ?  Why have they always existed in most species ?  And since they do exist, as Americans, shouldn’t they have the same Right to seek Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities and Happiness, just like you and me ?”
“My Son is gay, Roy, and I want him to have the same Right and Opportunities to have a Good and Happy Life that you and I have.  Not a Life of grief, ostracism and strife.”
“I didn’t know Jim Bob was a gay boy, Jennie Lee !  He’s a FireMan !  Are you sure you’ve got that right ?!”  Roy asked incredulously.
“Roy, he’s my Son.  It took him a long time of me constantly asking him when he was going to settle down and give me grandbabies, like my daughter Julie Lynn has done, before he finally sat me down to explain things to me regarding his personal battles with his sexuality, because of the way he was raised.”
“Jim Bob didn’t want to disappoint me and his Daddy and the rest of the Family.  And because he didn’t want to be rejected by all of us in this Community, because he Loved and Cared about all of us, and Cared about what we all thought about him.”
“It was a real Eye-Opening Experience, Roy.  I had no idea that he was in such pain and conflict, because he feared how all of us would treat him after we all knew.”
“So, he’s gay, is he ?  Well then, he can’t be a FireMan, Jennie Lee.  He’ll have to go,”  Roy said sternly.
“Oh he will, will he ?”  Jennie Lee retorted challengingly.  “And what about you, Roy ?”
“What about you, you Man of the Ten Commandments Law and Order ?  You Sexual Predator of young girls who constantly bears False Witness against all of those Women who have come forward to finally tattle the horror tales about you groping and slobbering all over their young, teen-age bodies and Souls when you worked at the District Attorney’s office ?  What about that, high and mighty, Roy ?”
“You marked their Lives in very dark ways forever.  How does that make you better than or superior to my Jim Bob, who has only bravely and kindly helped and saved others his whole Life ?  You mean old Hypocrite !”
“And while we’re at it, I have a few other things to get off of my chest,”  Jennie Lee announced.
“Men, like you, and Trump, and Pence, and Bannon, and Bibi and the Evangelicals you’ve got by the tail, but who are only looking to rush into the Hell Hole of their very own Apocalyptic Armageddon, looking for the return of Jesus. Forgetting that in order for Jesus to return, according to many of the Men of the Mega-Churches like Pastor Hagee, that all of the Jews will have to die, which is just another one of the Fantastical Lies y‘all‘s so-called Agenda is based upon, because the Real Jesus preached Love, and Kindness and Inclusion of One and All.”
“Now, all of these fanatics, and I used to be one, myself, so I know whereof I speak, and you and your Buddies have foolishly, on a political and diversionary whim, handed over the Holy City of Jerusalem to Israel.  Refusing to ignore all of the advice to the contrary from your very own Advisors, all of America’s Allies, and not even taking into consideration the Palestinians feelings or history.  And you all think that you are sooo
superior ?!  Hogwash !”
“Well, I’m a Christian, too, but in my Book Jerusalem should be made a Sacred Mecca for any and all Religions, and any and all peoples !”
“No more squabbling !  No more Warring !  No more dead and dying over
it !  What craziness !  It needs to be made Neutral Ground.  Sacred Space.  God’s Loving and Inviting Ground for Everybody all over the World to revel and glory in and upon.”
“I am sick unto death with all of this ridiculous Tribalism, and my side is better than your side. Or my Religion is better than your Religion.  Or my color skin is better than your skin color.  Or my sexuality is better than your sexuality.  And I’m not talking about Promiscuity or Sexual Predation, either, Roy.  That’s different from the sexuality that leads to loving relationships that bond folks together and creates families of all different kinds.  So, don’t use your lawyer’s tongue to try and turn this around.  I mean it.”
“And no more of this you’re a Master of the Universe and I’m a Slave or visa- versy….
Ka-Pow !!
“Lord Almighty !  I have blown my little toe plumb off of my foot, and ruined my new four hundred dollar boot !”  Roy exclaimed loudly.  “I forgot to put the safety on, on my pocket pistol.”
“Dad-burned, good-for-nothin’ tight jeans !”  Roy grumbled.
“Quick, Jennie Lee, go grab me a doctor.  My speech is in a little under an hour.”
“I’ll do that, Roy.  But if you ask me, the Lord just sent you a message about always walking around half-cocked.  Yes siree !”
“Jenny Lee, I’m gonna’ bleed to death, woman !  Get a move on !”  Roy demanded.
“Alright, alight.  Jim Bob is out front arranging chairs and setting up the sound system for you, because his Mama asked him to.  He’s a Paramedic, as well as a FireMan, Roy.  He’ll fix you right as rain, and then you can tell him to his face what you think about him, and how you intend to lose him his job, because he doesn’t meet with your Slave Owning Pedophile’s Idea of what a Real Man of God is or should be.”
“I swear, Roy, if I weren’t such a staunch Republican, I wouldn’t have a thing to do with you after all I’ve heard and learned today.  In fact, I am seriously thinking about becoming an Independent,”  Jennie Lee huffed as she disappeared through the Church’s Choral Dressing Room door.  Leaving Law Man Roy alone with his Cowboy Hat askew, a blackened hole in his pistol packin’ tight jeans pocket and his missing toe.


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