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A Thousand Years
by Nikos Laios
2017-12-07 11:32:03
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A Thousand Years

I've lived a thousand years
And live a thousand more;
I see everything through the
Eyes of a thousand generations
That have preceded me.

Their sorrows
Their laughter,
Their pain
And their joys;
The rivers of sadness
Flowing with tears,
The warm flowing love
That cleansed all their fears.

laios1_400Do you remember
The last time you were
Truly happy?

I remember my joys
And my loves,
My triumphs
And fears.

Bach is playing
On the radio
And my thoughts
Are reflected in
A glass of red wine
Shinning like blood.

A martyr's blood;
Like a flood,
The sorrows and joys
Of a thousand generations
Flow through me
Distilling in every organ
With my own and washing
Against my ribs.

When I think about
It all, my greatest achievement
Has been to love, my greatest love;
Yes,I sometimes think about you Liz
Even though you're dead now,
It was so long ago,
And we were so young.

I've lived a thousand years
And will live a thousand more
Through the generations
Before and after me.

My reflection floats
In a red glass of wine
And the radio crackles with music,
And the curtains slowly billow
Through the open window;
I see everything and that's alright,
Because what counts is now.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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