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A Hunting for Journalists We Shall Go!
by Leah Sellers
2017-12-06 11:45:08
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“Comrade Scootin’-Pootin’, why are you dressed in camouflaged attire, sir,” Comrade Dumpkoff queried.
“I am going hunting,”  Scootin’-Pootin’ answered flatly, as he donned his hunting cap.
“For Deer ?  For Elk ?  For Bear ?” Comrade Dumpkoff asked with surprise.
journa01“For Journalists,”  Scootin’-Pootin’ grunted.
“Excuse me, did I hear you say Journalists ?”  Comrade Dumpkoff asked dumbfounded.
“Dah !”  Scootin’-Pootin’ rumbled.
“Is a Journalist a variety of exotic Feathered Fowl, sir ?”
“No, you fool !  It is a Human Being who Writes Stories about Global True Facts that I, and many Others who shall go unmentioned, do not want to be revealed,”  Scootin’-Pootin’ explained shortly.
“But sir, Human Journalists are Protected by the Leaders, the Governments, and the Laws of the West, and elsewhere,”  Comrade Dumpkoff pointed out incredulously.
“No longer !  Trumpty-Dumpty calls all Journalists, but FOX and Bannonooski’s Brietbart Journalists, Fake News !  He reviles and ridicules them !  That undermines them, and makes them Fair Game everywhere around the World !”  Scootin’-Pootin’ exclaimed.
“Turkey and China have already arrested their fair share of troublesome Journalists !  Now, it is my turn to Bag a few !”  Scootin’-Pootin’ declared.
“But sir, shouldn’t we arrest them, and hold them for exorbitant ransoms which will cost the News Corporations millions of American dollars, which we will hide in International Banks elsewhere with the rest of your billions in holdings ?”  Comrade Dumpkoff suggested.
“Dah !  We will do that with some.  And some I will shoot with tranquilizing darts and jail.  But every now and then, for my own entertainment and satisfaction, I will play Russian Roulette with rubber bullets.  And then we shall see what we shall see.”  Scootin’-Pootin said gruffly.
“Like the Trumpty-Dumpty Boys, I, too, want to have my photograph taken with my share of exotic Big Game.”  Scootin’-Pootin’ chuffed.
“Wild and unruly True Fact telling Jounalists, sir ?”  Comrade Dumpkoff asked rhetorically.
“Dah !  This Hunt will really give Trumpty-Dumpty something to Tweet Crow about !  The Global Oligarchs, an exclusive Club Trumpty-Dumpty desperately wants to be a part of, are on the March !”  Scootin’-Pootin’ declared.
“Sir, I believe the phrase is ‘eat Crow’, which carries a different meaning…”
“Dah !  Trumpty-Dumpty does like to eat, but he also likes to Tweet,”  Scootin’-Pootin’ interrupted.  “What is important is what we are about to do to get even further control of things globally, and help to further dis-mantle the American Democracy !  We must ruin the reputation of the Free Press !  Make sure that noone believes them !  Noone knows any Truth - any Reality, but the Reality we, and our Propaganda Machines and Corporations, give them to believe !  Now, that is True Control, Dumpkoff !”
“And the Hunt, sir ?”  Comrade Dumpkoff sputtered.
“That, too !  Now, meet me at the back of the palace with the Hum-V.  One must be very secretive and crafty when re-creating and killing the True Facts.”  Scootin’-Pootin’ ordered.
“Yes sir.  Shall I bring any large plastic bags, sir ?”  Comrade Dumpkoff asked formally.
“Dah !  I feel like a little Russian Roulette today !”


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