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What the Sufi said
by David Sparenberg
2017-12-04 09:14:14
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What the Sufi said

In your heart of hearts, a heart-shaped mirror.  Mirror of peace between wings of fire.

sufi001In that living crucible—a gleam of blue light.  Light is your soul: Angel of Life.

Soul is as hard to follow as footsteps of God.  Soul is as easy to affirm as trust.

Soul is felt.  She is shared.  The same as when lovers share love.  The way every one of us desires freedom.

In the paradise of mystics, the archetype Rumi is naked.  But knows nothing of it!

At dawn, at midnight, Adam is born as image and likeness of the Tree of Life.  Creation breathes rainbows when the One breathes through us.  Eve is giving birth—Mother Havah—to a Garden of Eden.

Welcome, Wayfarer, to the public house of the Planet Earth.  This cup made of water holds the wine of laughter.  Enter when you are confused and thirsty: drink!


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