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Aho! Pocahontas! Aho! Pocahontas!
by Leah Sellers
2017-12-02 12:28:35
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“Hello Maybelle !  How are you doing, girl ?”  Joni Lou said as she approached her old friend down the aisle of their local H.E.B. grocery store.
“Are you sure you really want to know, Joni Lou ?”
“Well, sure I do,”  Joni Lou answered a little abashed.  “Is there something on your mind that I need to help you Pray about ?  Is everyone in the Family alright ?”
“Yes,  yes.  Buck and the Children are fine.  This is more about my very own peace of mind, Joni Lou.”
“Well, I’ve got a little time on my hands before I have to be home to cook dinner for my brood.  Let’s find a place to sit down a spell, and you can just pour out your heart, Hon,”  Joni Lou offered.
The two old friends found an empty table and chairs at the store’s Food Court.  Each ordered a cup of hot coffee, and sat down for a chat.
“Alright, now, Maybelle.  What’s got your feathers so ruffled ?”  Joni Lou asked brightly.
“Joni Lou, it’s the state of our Nation.  Plain and simple.  I am worried about what’s going on all around us that will effect all of our lives, and the lives of our Children and our Children’s Children.”  Maybelle said seriously.
“Uh-huh,”  Joni Lou said comfortingly.  “Can you fill in some of the specifics of what it is that you’re so concerned about, Maybelle ?”
“I sure can,”  Maybelle said assertively.
Joni Lou shifted around in her chair to get more comfortable.  She knew what Maybelle was like when she got really wound up about something.  In fact, she wished that her old friend didn’t stay as aware of everything going on around her as she did.  Life was complicated enough without taking on the weight of the rest of the world on your shoulders.  But Maybelle had always been that way.  Always reading.  Always listening to the news and attending community meetings for this cause or that charity.  It was just who she was, and there was no changing it.
poca01_400“Well, you know how I feel about King Trump…I mean President Trump,”  Maybelle said sighing.  “It is so hard for me to attach the word President with that man.”
“Maybelle, Pete and I both voted for the man.  So, please let’s not argue about this again,”  Joni Lou said quickly.  “After all this is the Season of Thanksgiving and Baby Jesus.  That’s reason enough not to argue.”
“Joni Lou, you know that my Family has always talked about having Native American blood flowing through our veins from some long, lost ancestor,”  Maybelle said perfunctorily.
“Ha !”  Joni Lou laughed out loud.  “Half the folks I talk to think that they have a little spot of Native American blood floating around in their Family Trees and in their veins, Maybelle.  When for the most part, folks don’t really know it for a fact, unless they join Ancestry dot com or some other outfit like it.”
“I’ve been thinking about joining that outfit myself, Joni Lou, and checking out my very own DNA, just to make sure.  I just haven‘t gotten around to it yet,”  Maybelle confided.
“Now, what has President Trump done now that has got you so hot and
bothered ?” Joni Lou said wanting to get her friend back on topic, so she could finish her shopping and head on home to get dinner ready.
“Joni Lou, he insulted the Navajo Code Talkers he was supposed to be celebrating the other day, by slinging a racial slur at Senator Elizabeth Warren.  He called her Pocahontas, and insinuated that she was old as Methuselah, when he was supposed to be honoring those great Navajo Americans.  Americans who helped us win World War II !”  Maybelle recounted.
“What ?!”  Joni Lou said with confusion.
“You heard me, Joni Lou.  That Man-Child is so petty and mean-spirited that he just had to dig at Liz Warren because she is one of the primary Founders of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that he and his millionaire, billionaire and trillionaire buddies are all wanting to gut and neutralize,”  Maybelle continued.
“That Man-Child stood those brave Navajo Elders behind a podium in front of the portrait of our former President Andrew Jackson, the Indian Killer, that the Man-Child hung up on that wall when he entered the White House.”
“Andrew Jackson was responsible for the Indian Removal Act which was responsible for the slaughter and deaths of thousands of Native Americans in those days, Joni Lou.”
“Andrew Jackson was responsible for much of the Native American’s stolen Lands, during that time in history, and the deadly, forced marches out of the American southeast, to land - to Reservations that Andrew Jackson and his buddies weren’t interested in.”
“That Man-Child, who calls himself our President insulted our invaluable and brave Navajo Code Talkers when he tried to make a joke of the name, tribe and legacy of Pocahontas by using it to humiliate Elizabeth Warren in public, just because he’s angry with all of her efforts to protect all American Citizens !”  Maybelle exclaimed.
“What are you talking about, Maybelle ?  How is Elizabeth Warren, an icon to the democratic party, helping all Americans ?  She’s a democrat.  You have got to be joking,”  Joni Lou countered sarcastically.
“No, I am not joking, although President Man-Child was.  And his very distasteful and poorly timed joke fell flat on its face due to the Dignity, Honesty and Honor of the Navajo Elders he had before him.  Him, and the Indian Killer, Andrew Jackson,”  Maybelle answered shortly.
“And why would President Trump want to gut this Consumers Protection Agency you’re talking about ?”  Joni Lou asked.
“Well, according to the Senator Mulvaney, that President Man-Child is trying to force into the Director’s chair, which is already legally to be filled and held by Deputy Leandra English, and is now under legal contention in the courts, because of The Man-Child’s wanting to dis-mantle the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, just like he and all of his other millionaire, billionaire and trillionaire buddies have been doing to all of our other governmental departments.”
“Let me get back to Mr. Mulvaney and his attitude toward the Agency created to protect you and me financially.  Mulvaney says that he wants to make sure that the Agency isn’t ‘trampling on Capitalism’,”  Maybelle said with a side-grin.
“Oh no, President Man-Child and Mr, Mulvaney and all of those of their ilk are doing everything in their power to make sure that Capitalism tramples on folks like you and me, Joni Lou.”
“I don’t believe that, Maybelle,”  Joni Lou said evenly.
“You need to wake up and smell the coffee, Joni Lou, because they are dis-mantling our Great Democracy right under our very noses.  They are selling our Great Nation out to their greedy Donors.  They are selling our Great Nation to the Mega-Corporations and Mega-Banks by giving them more and more power by getting rid of more and more of the Laws that other previous Administrations created to protect folks like you and me, Joni Lou.”
“Trump is a Betrayer of our greatest American Ideals that really Built this Country, while he and his bunch are cutting taxes for their Donors.  For the Wealthy and their Mega-Corporations and Mega-Banks which offend all of our protective Anti-Trust Laws.”
“And they are placing the burden of the Taxes on Small Businesses, the Middle Class, the Working Poor and the Poor, while increasing the overall American Debt into the trillions of dollars for future generations to pay for his and his Republican Donors and their Wealthy cohorts and cronies treachery to the overall well-being of our Great Nation.”
“Yes, Joni Lou, they Betray the Majority of Americans to favor the Donor Class - the Big Money Class who ply them with bribes and power.  Ching !  Ching !  Bling-a-ling !  So, that they can have their way with all of us and the rest of the world at our expense.”
“Maybelle, did I just hear you say ‘Ching !  Ching !  Bling-a-ling !?”  Joni Lou chuckled.
“Yes, you did, and don’t interrupt me, Joni Lou.  I’m on a roll,”  Maybelle said irritably.
“Yes Ma-am.  Mum’s the word,”  Joni Lou said laughing.
“Joni Lou, they want to Buy and Sell - to Own America’s very Soul while financially EnSlaving everyone else to their whims and vagaries.  Their Corporate Empires and Regimes greedy and selfish aims and goals.”
“Yes, Joni Lou, the President Man-Child and his Republican lackeys are tearing away the Legal and Governmental Protections and Safeguards put into place to Protect and Service all Americans, not just The Few.”
“Most folks don’t care about accumulating great wealth.  Most folks just seek a Good Life and Success through other avenues than usury and greed.  And the constant and perpetual Consuming The Few want to seduce and demand from their well programmed and propagandized EnSlaved Consumers.”
“With the destruction and dismantling of our Great Democracy we are allowing The Few to Consume all of the rest of us, while they have us at War with and Consuming one another as a diversion to what’s really going on.”
“In all of the diversionary confusions they keep all of us reeling away from the actual Truths that they replace with their versions of the World Realities they want.  And Functioning and Strong Democracies get in the way of the Consuming Realities they want to create and perpetuate that Benefit all of The Few while degrading and Enslaving all of the rest of us to their wills, and not one whit of our own.”
“Do you really want to live in a world like that, Joni Lou ?  For our Children to live in a World like that ?  Not me !”
“President Man-Child is a great Liar.  A great Con Man with small hands and an even smaller heart.”
“He’s always taking cheap shots at this person or that person or this football player over that one.  He’s a bagful of one Racial slur or innuendo or another every chance he gets in public or on T.V. or by Tweet.”
“Let’s face it, Joni Lou.  Our present President is constantly playing the Bigot Card.  A Racist who blows his Racist Dog Whistle long and hard throughout our Great Nation for all other Bigots - Racists to hear and fearfully and hatefully respond to.  His rabid 30 something percent of the Nation.”
“But there are somewhere around 70 percent of other Ears within our Nation who refuse to answer or give into that Dark and Chaotically Hatefilled Dog Whistle.  They hear and march to different Tunes.  To different Songs.”
“A Majority who believe in the Opportunities inherent within Inclusion, Fairness and Justice, and Equality for One and All.  Not ugly, fear based and  hatred-filled Exclusions.”
“A Majority who believes in Humanity’s Better Angels and in striving toward Goals and Purposes of our Higher and more Enlightened Selves.  Not our Darker, more primitive and viciously tribal Selves.”
“Aho !  Pocahontas !”  Maybelle suddenly proclaimed proudly.
“What does that mean, Maybelle ?”  Joni Lou asked in alarm.  She had not been expecting Maybelle to break out in Native American words she did not really understand.
“I am Praising the person, the tribe and the legacy of Pocahontas, and all Native American peoples,”  Maybelle explained.
“You sure do hop around form one topic to the next a lot,”  Joni Lou complained.
“Always have.  Always will, Joni Lou,”  Maybelle said matter-of-factly.
“Well, I have a good idea, Maybelle.  Especially after listening to everything You just shared with me,” Joni Lou proposed.
“And what would that be, Joni Lou ?”
“Let Us Pray !”


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