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Quasi-Ode to a Rather Polite Troll
by Leah Sellers
2017-11-25 08:23:30
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When you Write Stories or Poems loaded with Real Life, though fictionalized, Experiences filled with powerful Ideas and Ideals, Actions, Non-Actions, Truths and Consequences or many times even Non-Consequences, you can attract or activate some rather interesting Trolls.
nits01_400Trolls that stick their heads out from the under the Bridge of Open Communication to bleat out or shout-out at you or even try to spit at you, bite you - chew you up and spit you out, depending upon their mood at the time or their very own personal intrinsic Nature.
The interesting Trolls who actually have some Thought Provoking things to say can be a good Learning Experience. They can give you Pause to Consider or Re-Consider your own personal Beliefs, Values, Ethics, Morals, Attitudes and Ideas about things.
Lately, a rather interesting and intellectually polite Troll sent me an excerpt from Friedrich Nietzsche after He or She read my Story, “The Alabamian Savior of the Ten Commandments”.  It appears to have been their reaction and response to the Concepts of the Beliefs, Values, Ethics, Morals, Attitudes and Ideas satirically dealt with therein.
Here is the Shared passage:
“None of our aesthetic and moral judgments apply to the Universe.  Nor does it have ay instinct, and it does not observe any laws either.
Let us beware of saying there are Laws in Nature.  There are only Necessities: there is Nobody who Commands, Nobody who Obeys, Nobody who Trespasses.
Once you know that there are no Purposes, you also know that there is no Accident, for it is only beside a World of Purposes that the word “Accident” has meaning.
Let us beware of saying that Death is opposed to Life.  The Living is merely a type of what is Dead, and a very rare type.”
Now, I don’t know that much about Nietzsche’s personal life.  Never cared to, after studying some of his work.  He struck me as a Nihilist.  A man making Intellectual Excuses for a lack of Conscience and Order - of the validation of Realities of various States of Being (which he saw as Non-Being, which is a State of Being within itself - just saying…..).
Now, he was right about us all simultaneously being the Living Dead, because with every step of Life Lived that we take our Corporal Bodies are in the process of Aging, Decaying and eventually Dying.
However, to me, his view of a World or a Universe with “Nobody who Commands, Nobody who Obeys, Nobody who Trespasses”, and where “there is no Purpose”  and so therefore no “Accidents” is, according to my Life Experiences and my Near Death Experience, a continuing Fallacy.
Especially, since during my Near Death Experience I discovered that our form, that most folks call the Spirit, is made up of Universal Galactic-like ever static and dynamic, and very State of Being Aware, Light and Dark Energies.  “As Above, so Below.”
And as far as just Earthly States of Being go ?  Well, the World is full of Followers seeking SomeOne or SomeThing to Command them.  The World is full of Folks Needing (the Necessity, Nietzsche himself admitted existed) to Obey SomeOne (person) or SomeThing (Belief, Morals, Ethics, Attitudes, Values, Laws, Ideas…etc.), because it brings Order and Purpose to otherwise Annihilating Chaos.  A Chaos swirling with Purposes awaiting Opportunities for fulfillment of some kind, of any kind, which have difficulty Energetically taking hold or catching hold or maintaining duration in any way, shape or form, because of the very Nihilistic Energies inherent within Chaos as a State of Being-Non-Being.
And the World is full of Flora and Fauna that has been Trespassed by Trespassers.  The existence of one precedes, exceeds, succeeds or supersedes the other every nano-second of each and every, live-long-day.
War is Trespass which creates States of Chaos by those Commanding the Energies of War against those Systemically and Chaotically Trespassed.
And, yes, Mr. Nietzsche and Mr. or Miss or Mrs. Troll, in Real Life, in War, Life opposes Death when it fights to Protect and Secure ItSelf from Death by sometimes dishing out Death to another Living (while Dying) creature in order to Survive.  In order to hang on just a little bit longer to the Aging, Decaying, Dying, yet still Living Body it is Choosing to try and give Purpose and Meaning to within the Chaos surrounding, and at times, engulfing them.
And Mr. Nietzsche, and Mr. or Miss or Mrs. Troll, when Purposes are allowed to Exist within the State of Being of Order (Laws, Morals, Values, Ethics, Attitudes, Beliefs, Ideas…etc.) they can be thrown off track or re-directed or even stopped by Unforeseen or Foreseen Accidents alike.
A Soldier going to War Foresees the Possibilities, Potentialities and outright Chances that they may be Accidentally and Incidentally injured, maimed or killed.  And that Incidental Accident may or may not throw them off of their Individual Original Purpose or Purposes in Life.  That Incidental Accident may even end their Life’s Purpose or Purposes within their Life’s simultaneously Created and Destroyed Reality due to the Death of their Aging, Decaying and already Dying Living Corporal Body.
However, it has also been my Experience, that a Person’s Purposeful Life’s Memory, held within their Loved Ones, Friends and Acquaintances can have a profound resonating Echo, which can Energetically Shape or Re-Direct their Lives (and their Aging, Decaying and Dying Living Bodies), their Beliefs, Morals, Ethics, Values, Attitudes, Ideas…etc.
These are just a few Shared Beliefs, Morals, Ethics, Values, Attitudes and Ideas off the top of my head, Mr. Nietzsche, Mr. or Miss or Mrs. Troll, but then again, and by the Universal Energies I call God, I am just an Aging, Decaying, Dying and yet still Corporally Living Cock-eyed Optimist…..


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