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Collusion Collusion
by David Sparenberg
2017-11-26 09:16:06
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I saw a sight.  My soul started screaming.

coll01_400I saw a man, a small man.  All around, toe to crown, patchwork.  A ragged man.  Wretched.  Utterly, utterly wretched.  Utterly ragged.  Tatters of grays and browns.  A rag-man.

I did not see his face.  He must have had a face!  Surely the man had a face?

He crossed the street before me.  Going corner to corner.  Indifferent to the faces of others.  Plodding.  Hunched. This crisp November morning. 

He was not an apparition.  We were not in an undeveloped country, in the so-called Third World.  We were here.  10th of November.  In the city of Seattle, Washington.  In the United States of America.

City of Microsoft and Starbucks.  Of Boeing and Amazon.  City of young millionaires.   Progressive.  Narcissistic.

A sight. Tatters, layered, of browns, patchy grays, in the clasp of despair.  A scream.  Fuming in the stench of abject poverty.  Medieval portrait. 

The Russian Revolution beginning, playing back again.  Taking of the Potemkin.  The Tsar’s Golden Tower.  The Winter Palace—Mare-a-Lago.  Reds verses Whites.  Killing of colors.

Or storming of the Bastille.  Prisoner De Sade: Marquis De Sade.  Debauched limbs wrapped around ragged Quasimodo.  Onset of the Terror.

Oligarchs among us collude with death.


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