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The Alabamian Savior of the Ten Commandments
by Leah Sellers
2017-11-21 07:51:10
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“Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen.  Do you See this Book that I am holding in my right hand ?  This Good Book ?!  God’s Holy Word ?!  This Holy Bible ?!”
Mr. ex-Alabamian-Judge-and-Senator-Wanna’-Be asked his avid Congregation.
alabama01“For over twenty years, I have fought the Good Fight for this Good Book, and the Ultra-Conservative wing of the Republican Party !”
“Yes, I have been a Martyr to my Cause. To your Cause.  To our Cause.  To God’s Cause !  I refused to tear down the Ten Commandments that stood outside our Court House Square, as the Equality for All Religions Secular Courts ordered Alabama to do, and was punished for it !”
“Yes, I did.  Because I am a Man of this Good Book.  A Man of God’s Law, not Man’s Law.  I am a Martyr for God’s Word, not Man’s Words.”
“I I am a Leader amongst Godless Men.  All except for you Godly Votes…I mean, Godly Folks in Church today.”
“In fact, thank you for coming to listen to my Prophetic Words.  The Words of God raining down from on high, and down upon you from God’s Pulpit, just like the Natural Dog-Eat-Dog Elitist Tax Laws and Loopty-loop Black Holes of Golden Trickle Down Economics that will drip down upon you, one little drop at a time, when the Republican Party gets through passing our present day, and my favorite Role Model, the Elitist, Pussy Cat Grabbing King Trumpty’s, and his Elitist cohorts and cronies, Tax Cuts for the Rich and soon to be Infamous and their Affordable Care Act’s Sabotage.  Praise God !”
“As you all know, I am being persecuted and Martyred once again !  Yes, yes, I am !”
“Like Our Savior, Jesus Christ, I am made to bear a Crown of Thorns for you and for your Precious Vote, so that I can become Senator of this great state of Alabama !  Yes, indeed !”
“Yes, the Fake News is trying to destroy my Good Name !  Yes, they are !”
“I am being accused of knowing Ladies, and doing things with them that never happened.  And I do not know them.  And it was not me who signed one of their High School Year Books, and mentioned the restaurant I met her at.  It never happened, no matter what Fake News proof otherwise that they might have on me !  Halleluiah !”
“All five of the women who have spoken out against my Good Name are all Jezebels.  They are all Fake News Harlots being paid by the fake, Fake News Bernie Bernstein, to ruin my Godly reputation, and keep me from becoming your fine, upstanding Senator !  But we will not let them !  Can I get an Amen ?!”
“You all will cast your stones at me….no, for me…no !  Excuse me, I meant to say that you will all cast your Votes for me !  Oh yes, you will, because God Wills it to be so !”
“You will cast your Vote for me, and the Republican Party, because the dastardly Democrats are evil, no-good Bleeding Heart Liberals who want to Build a Better, more Equal, Opportunity ridden and Secure Future for All Americans and the rest of the World, much as Christ did.  But that is not their place to do so !  That is Christ’s place !  Amen !”
“And we can’t have all of their evil, no-good Blessing Heartism !  And yes, it is an ’ism’, a dis-ease just like Benevolent Capitalism !  Amen !”
“No, we can’t have that kind of Sharing and Caring, touchy-feely kind of Democracy, because all of the white faces staring adoringly up at me right now are the True Americans!  The Real Americans !  And we, and we alone are the ones who are to be showered with blessings !”
“Can I get an Amen ?!  Can I get a Halleluiah ?!  Can I get an Offering of five dollars from each and every one of you tonight in the Offering Plate ?!  Praise God !”
“Now, go out and Preach my Word…I mean, tell the Truth about the Goodness of my Name, and about the Goodness of the Vote you all will cast in My Good Name !”
“Tell the Truth about my Love for our great state of Alabama and the Confederacy !  Amen !”
“Tell the truth about my Love of the Good Book, and the Ten Commandments !  Amen !”
“Go out and tell everybody you meet of My Good works and the persecution I have suffered, and will continue to suffer, for all of you because of the Good Book, and the Power of MySelf….I mean, of God the Father !
Amen !”
“Now, Brothers and Sisters, come down before the Altar, and be sure to bring your Money and your young, teenage daughters for Sacrifice…I mean, to cleave to My every Good Word, and piece of august Advice.”
“Like Sheep to the wolving…I mean wooling Shepherd, come, come !  Because we are all loading up into My ever awaiting Bus outside these Church doors, and heading for the Gadsden Mall !  Can I get an Amen ?!


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Emanuel Paparella2017-11-21 08:34:24
And now that the Republican party, beginning with the tea party, has been transformed into a cult of sorts, where will they go from here? It appears that dark days are ahead for democracy in America.

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