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Eggs Benedict in America's Face on Veteran's Day (and Every Other Day)?!
by Leah Sellers
2017-11-18 11:35:02
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In an Alternate Reality, not so far away……..
“Now, Bannonooski, Putin says that he did not meddle in our American Elections, even though my American Intelligence Agencies say differently.  But we’ll ignore them, because it’s more important Factionally, Fractionally and Transactionally for my Ego, my Interests, and my Pocketbook for us to go along with ex-KGB-FSB-SCREWYOUNOTME Putin’s Con,”  King Trumpty acknowledged.
dyst01_400“Some folks may see that as a Betrayal to America’s overall Interests and my American Intelligence Agencies and Patriotic Agents, but I understand Cons.  I am the King of Cons !  I am the King of the Art of the Con Deal !  With my Daddy’s money, a pool of Con Man Lawyers, the manipulation of American Laws, and my hidden funds elsewhere around the globe, this Proud Predator has thrived !”
“Heck, I became King of America.  I’m forming my own Royal House and Oligarchy Malarkey !  What Con Man King could want more ?””
“Yep, sounds like a Plan, sir,”  Bannonooski agreed.  “With all of the Lies and Propaganda you and Putin’s Russia have put out into the airwaves and social medias about the Main-stay Press and T.V. News being Fake News, we’ve got it made in the shade.”
“And, sir, I loved the way you cow-towed and toadied up to China over the Con Job they’ve pulled on America, due to some of America’s past greedy leaders Mis-takes and Mis-deeds, over unfair leveraging and trade, and the stealing of our American Corporate Citizens Ideas and Property.”  Bannonooski further flattered King Trumpty.
“You’re a Con Man’s Dry Vodka Dream, sir.  And it takes one to know one,”  Bannonooski chortled proudly.
“Thanks, Bannonooski !”  King Trumpty responded with glee.  “Just remember, everything can be made Factional, Fractional and Transactional if you control the Bull Horn and Divide and Conquer !  Just look at Russia !  Just look at China !  Just look at North Korea !  Just look at Saudi Arabia, and the major Power moves they’re making in the Middle East right now !  Just look at the Duterte’s Islands !  Authoritarian Oligarchy Malarkey is the local, national and global name of the Power Game !  And you gotta’ keep your Parts, Partners and Money movin’-and-a-groovin’ !”
“Gotta’ have State-run Media outlets to promote our Authoritarian views and truly Fake News, and to tear down existing Democratic or fair and just Institutions, like FOX and your Brietbart News, Bannonooski !  They must spout what I Tweet and Spout out to my Fans and Fannetes !  Long may they grumble, rumble and rage !”
“Bannonooski, we gotta’ undermine our Intelligence Agencies and Officers here and abroad, because as they follow the Money - and for Heaven’s Sakes - have you seen the Paradise Papers ?!  That gig is up !  Time for the Parts, Partners and Money to move-and-groove elsewhere !”
“Now, where was my keen mind and memory leading me before that Brain Burp ?  Oh yeah, we gotta’ undermine our Intelligence Agencies, and our Journalists, and the Main Press and Media oulets, and promote our own, while we confuse, divide and conquer, because they are too close to the Truth of our Greeds and Destructionist Needs, Bannonooski !”
“They will burn all of us Predators, and lead the Way to what they call a Better World of Kum-Bay-Yah Unity and Cooperation !  And Predators like you and me can’t thrive or move and groove with great ease in a Better World like that, Bannonooski !”
“So, we gotta’ undermine the Do-Gooders and Kum-Bay-Yah Unity
Seekers !  And you’re great at that, Buddy !  Keep the Nationalistic Tribalism, Factionalism, Fractionalism and Transactionalism up !  And I’ll keep my Con up !  And we’ll Win !  We’ll be Winners  !  Winners who squash and smash and Enslave all of the Kum-Bay-Yah Unity and Better World Losers !”
“Let the Authoritarian Corporate Empires and Oligarchy Malarkeys Arise !”  King Trumpty excitedly shouted and spouted.
“You know, when I was younger, I used to dream of being The Godfather of all of the Mafias.”  King Trumpty admitted unexpectedly.
“Don’t tell anyone, but I used to stand in front of any mirror I could find stuffing my cheeks full of cotton balls, like old Marlon Brando, saying, “I”ll make you a Deal you can’t Refuse, hee-hee.”
“Oh, you’d make a great Don, Donny Darko, sir,”  Bannonooski said amiably.  “There’s no Deal you can’t sell to your avid, rabid Fans and Fannettes.  You’re a Rich Celebrity, sir.  You’re a double-barrel draw.”
“You and Putin speak the same language, sir.  You both speak with Forked- Tongues.  You’ll say, betray and do anything you have to do for the sake of your own Egos and Personal Treasuries.”
“You’re Pirates on the open seas of the very murky Swamp you‘re supposed to be draining, Ha !  Ha !  Little does anyone know that you‘re actually maintaining the Swamp and expanding it for your very own fellow Rich Elites and Corporate Empire Builders, King Trumpty, Ha !  Ha !  What a Grand Slam Scam you are pulling on Everyone, sir !”
“All hail the Rising Authoritarian Corporate Empires !  Down with all of the Governments, especially the Democracies, that Protect their Citizens, and the Earth, from the Corporate Empires cruel and grueling ever-ravenous, over-reaching appetites for more, more, more through their Governmental Protective and Security oriented Local, National and Global Laws and Regulations !”  Bannonooski proclaimed as he clicked his heels together and gave King Trumpty a ‘Heil, King Trumpty’ Salute.
“Yep !  We’ll break the Regulators and their Protective Regulations !  We’ll twist and bend and rewrite the Laws to benefit the Rich Elites and the Corporate Empires !  We’ll get rid of all of the Governments, particularly those nasty Democracies, like the one we’re having to contend and struggle with right here in America and abroad that constantly get in our way !”  King Trumpty trumped.
“Make way, America !  Make way World, for the Rise of the Authoritarian Malevolently, not Benevolently, Capitalistic Corporate Empires !  Long may they Rule !  Because them’s who’s got the Golden Algorithms and Treasure Island Hide Aways, has got the rule !”
“Yep, Bannonooski, there’s something so satisfying about a Con Job well done.  Especially, when they don’t see it coming !”
“What a way to end Veteran’s Day !  Leaving everyone else groveling around in the muck we’re making at home and abroad.  Nothing like Mixed Messaging.  It’s as lethal and powerful as Intermittent Conditioning !  Divide and Conquer, Bannonooski !  Confuse, Divide and Conquer !”
“Putin’s a Liar !  I’m a Liar !  And he and I will weave and stoke some Great Lies together !  We understand on another !  One Con Man to another !  We are Bear-Hugging, Romping and Stomping Brothers from another Mother !  Bothers from different Fathers !”
“Wink !  Wink !  Bling !  Bling !  They all Love it !  Seduces them all every time !  Pussy Cats and Countries alike !  Who doesn’t like Seduction ?!  The Great Sugar-coated Con ?!”
“And you can count on me and my Nationalistically Divisive and Destructionist Gang to see your Great Con through, sir,”  Bannonooski said fanatically.  “We all know what’s at stake.”
“Speaking of Steak, have you ever put your lips around one of my medium-rare Trumpty Steaks ?”  King Trumpty asked suddenly.  “They’re expensive, but worth every five dollars a bite.”
“And I sell fine wines, too, made from my Trumpty Vineyards.  You and your Gang can get the American Government to pay for it all, and a week-end at Mire-Slago, and one of my famous golf courses, if you like.  You deserve it, Bannonooski !  You’ve been one heck of a Destructionist, Confuse, Divide and Conquer Partner !”
“Yes sir, I would be honored, sir.  Glad to help you Scam more Money out of the American Government on one of your very own personal Enterprises, sir.  It’s an honor to aid and be a part of the Great American and Global Scam and Take-down, sir,”  Bannonooski said conspiratorially.
“Glad I could make a Deal you couldn’t Refuse, hee-hee,”  King Trumpty wheezed, mimicking his best Godfather depiction.
“Glad to accept a Deal I couldn’t really afford to refuse, Boss,”  Bannonooski said tight-lipped.
“Yep, Betray me or Betray America.  The Choice is simple.  And made simple for simple Fans and Fannettes that come my way,”  King Trumpty boasted.
“Which reminds me.  Bannonooski, have you ever bought, and stuffed your face with, any of my Eggs Benedict from my restaurant at Mire-Slago ?  They’re to die for !”


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