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Sacred Desecration
by Nikos Laios
2017-11-17 10:19:55
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Sacred Desecration

The farmers left
The land long ago
For the decayed cities,
The wheat fields are
Long and forgotten now
Blowing in the wind
Under the hot sun.

exile_400I see them late
At night in the
Lining up to pay
For their tinned food,
Six packs of beer
And cigarettes
With their gnarled
Farmer's hands.

The pizza boy
Knocks on my door,
I take twenty bucks
Out of my pocket
And I think about
The sad farmers
And the hungry children
Just for a moment until
I open the pizza box.

I turn on the television
To numb my soul
And settle into
The warm couch
As I take a bite out
Of a thick slice and wash it
Down with a cold beer.

I can hear
The music
Playing loudly
From next door
And I stick my neck
Out of the window
And suck in a
Midnight lung full
Of air which
Mingles with the
Rubbish smells
From the overflowing
Garbage cans down
In the alleyway.

I fill my mouth
With another chunk full
Of pizza and crack
Open another can of beer
And consider the rusted
Tractors sitting in abandoned
Wheat fields like ancient sentinels.

The farmers left
The land long ago
For the decayed cities,
Lining up in supermarket aisles
Like empty husks waiting to pay
For their tinned food
With their gnarled farmer's hands
And melancholic smiles,
And I ponder this sacred


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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