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Mama, What's Irrational Inception?
by Leah Sellers
2017-11-13 10:40:50
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“Mommy, Suzy and I got into an argument at school today, and we’re not speakin’, now,”  Cheyenne confessed to her Mama sadly.
“Oh Cheyenne, what did you and Suzy argue about ?  Y’all have always been such Good Friends.”
“Well, I am twelve and she is thirteen, and she said that because we have our periods that it’s okay for a lawyer or a district attorney or a judge or a senator or a celebrity or a president to ’feel us off’,”  Cheyenne recounted excitedly.
“Suzy goes to the Evangelical Tabernacle with her Family, and she said that her Preacher said that Mary was a young teenager, and that Joseph was an older Adult when they got married and had Baby Jesus.  And that Joseph had to ’feel Mary off’ to have Baby Jesus, and his Brothers and Sisters,”  Cheyenne said agitatedly.
tex01_400_07“Cheyenne, according to scripture, Jesus was conceived through Immaculate Conception and the Virgin Birth.  He was the Son of God, not Joseph,”  Cheyenne’s Mama explained.
“Macular Deception, Mama ?”  Cheyenne asked.  “What does that mean ?”
“It’s called Immaculate Conception, Cheyenne,”  Cheyenne’s Mama corrected.  “And I don’t want to get into the mechanics of it right now, because you are too young for that Conversation as of yet.”
“But, how can I be too young for this Conversation, Mama, when we’re talkin’ about it now ?”  Cheyenne asked poignantly.
“Cheyenne, I am not ready to have this Conversation with you as of yet,”  Cheyenne’s Mama admitted.  “In fact, I am really uncomfortable with having to discuss any of this with you now.”
“Children are truly growing up so much faster these days, because of all of the information swirling around us now from so many different directions,”  Cheyenne’s Mama sighed.
“So, please, just bear with your, Mama,”  Cheyenne’s Mama said openly.
“Yes Ma’am.”  Cheyenne said quickly.
“Now, as for allowing anyone to ’feel you off’.  And I must admit that I am amazed, and quite shocked, that the Pastor of her Church would have said such a thing from the pulpit,”  Cheyenne’s Mama said with great annoyance and a modicum of dis-belief.
“He was makin’ excuses for some older Adult he wants to be a Senator, Mama.  A Mr. Ex-Judge Moore who is always wantin’ more, according to Bobby Joe, another one of my friends at school.  Bobby Joe says that Mr. Ex-Judge Moore likes to ‘feel off’ teenage girls, like Suzy.   And me, too, pretty soon, because I have my period already, and I’ll be thirteen in a couple of months.”  Cheyenne said proudly.
“But don’t worry, Mama, I told Suzy that no one will ever be able to ’feel me off’ or feel me on or even touch me at all, except maybe a peck on the cheek, until I get married, because my Mama and Daddy told me so,”  Cheyenne said emphatically.
“And because you should be ’in Love’ with and married to the person you have Babies with.  Otherwise, you are just Dancin’ with the Devil and not Singin’ in God’s Choir, just like Uncle Johnny told me one day,”  Cheyenne further explained.  “And that’s when Suzy got really mad at me, and refused to speak to me for the rest of the day at school.”
“You discussed the Birds and the Bees with your Uncle Johnny,
Cheyenne ?”  Cheyenne’s Mama asked tersely.
“No Ma’am.  He didn’t mention anything about Birds or Bees.  We talked about havin’ Babies when I helped him take care of his dog, Bella, when she was havin’ her six Puppies,”  Cheyenne said happily.
“Mama, they were so cute and wriggly.  And Bella is such a Good Mama.  She licked them clean, and fed them, and then they all curled up and slept together in one big furry ball,”  Cheyenne continued smiling.
“That’s just how I will have my Babies, Mama.  And I will be a Good Mama, too,”  Cheyenne said assuredly.
“But Mama, I do not want to have six wriggly Babies all in a row,”  Cheyenne said with consternation. “I will have to Pray to God, and tell Him that I just want one Baby at a time, just like you and daddy.”
Cheyenne’s Mama suppressed a chuckle.  “That sounds like a good plan to me, Cheyenne.”
“And I will Pray to God about understandin’ Baby Jesus’ Irrational Inception, too, Mama.”
“It’s called Immaculate Conception, Cheyenne.”
“Yes Ma’am.”  Cheyenne agreed haphazardly. “And I will also Pray to God about never bein’ ‘felt off’ by any Adult, no matter who they are or what job they have.”
“That’s just gross, Mama !”  Cheyenne said with disgust.
“Mama, why would God make yucky people like that ?”  Cheyenne demanded.
“Well, Honey, those kind of Adults Chose Dancin’ with the Devil to Singin’ in God’s Choir,”  Cheyenne’s Mama said with a meaningful glint in her eye.
“Mama, can we Sing ‘Jesus Loves the Little Children’ ?”
“I would Love to, Baby.”
And Cheyenne and her Mama simultaneously burst into Song. “Jesus Loves the little Children.  All the Children of the World.  Red and Yellow, Black and White.  They are Precious in His Sight.  Jesus Loves the little Children of the World.”
“I Love you, Mama,”  Cheyenne said joyfully as she ran up to her Mama and gave her a Big Hug.
“I Love you, too, Baby,”  Cheyenne’s Mama said warmly as she Hugged her Precious Child closely.


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