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Eureka: Personality types in relationships
by Jay Gutman
2017-11-12 10:21:31
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As I said, there are three main personality types based on how I count: the emotional personality type, the factual personality type and the narrative personality type. The emotional type tends to live life based on emotions, the factual personality type tends to live life based on gathering and enacting facts, the narrative personality type tends to live life based on telling stories.

rel1_400If you go to a night club you will notice the emotional types dancing and hopping around, while you might notice the narrative type trying to get to know everyone at the night club. The factual personality type rarely goes to night clubs, unless there's information he or she needs to get from there. Now what kind of lovers can you expect based on personality types? Let me break it down for you.

Emotional personality type: they tend to be attracted to the confident type and will take the extra mile to seduce you. They will compliment you, and if given the opportunity, will be all over you. They like to show their love (emotions) but will also let you know when they're angry or upset. Yelling, screaming as well as cuddling will be part of the routine.

The advantage with the emotional personality type is that, pardon me, your sex life will be great. Again they like to show their emotions and will not be shy in bed. The disadvantage perhaps is that your life will be an emotional roller coaster, with cries, laughs and everything in between.

If you are an emotional personality type dating an emotional personality type you might often argue about who was right and who was wrong in the frequent conflicts that erupt, because emotional types tend to be involved in a lot of conflicts. If you are a factual type dating an emotional type you may have conflicts based on what they should have done or how the way the reacted to certain things was wrong. If you are a narrative type dating an emotional type you might find your leisure and sex life very interesting but the conversation part of the relationship very frustrating.

Factual personality type: they might be interested in dating you but will use the weirdest tactics when it comes to letting you know. They might try to let you know in ways so indirect that you might wonder if they really like you. That is because they tend to fear rejection and misunderstandings. They will usually date someone they are sure they can trust, usually someone from the ingroup, someone very close. They might let you know they like you by leaving an anonymous note, calling you and asking for strange information, or perhaps trying to spend as much time with you as they can.

Factual types obviously work best with other factual types. The advantage with the factual types is your finances will tend to be in order, your house will be spick-and-span and everything in your life should be in order, if not, the factual type will put order in your life. The disadvantage is that there will be rigid rules to dating them and breaking the rules will tend to make them frustrated. Sex can be careful and perhaps awkward, and unless the purpose is procreation you might expect excessive precautions in sex. Leisure life can also be dull if you like action in your leisure life, and can involve anything factual, as in going to museums, fashion shows, fishing or anything that involve calm procedures and facts.

Emotional types can be put off by the factual types' rigidity and can easily lose their temper, while the factual type will tend to ignore their emotions. Factual types will get along with factual types, while they might have their differences in the way the household is run. Narrative types can find factual types excessively rigid, and rarely interested in their stories.

Narrative personality type: You might be so caught up chatting with them you won't be sure if it's because they're interested in you or simply because they like talking to you. In some cases, you might spend hours chatting with them and yet they have absolutely no interest in dating you, they just found ears to hear their nice stories. Narrative types are often seduced by the emotional type, which tend to be more straightforward in showing interest. But the narrative type will also tend to look for people who like to talk and listen, and will often not be very interested in the emotional and caring side of relationships. They like to talk with everyone, and the larger the crowd the better. Although if you're dating them they will want to take time to discuss strategy with you in private.

The advantage of the narrative type is you rarely get that awkward moment of silence. There's always a good story to be told. They also tend to be observers and will know the best places in town. Or they heard someone mention the best places in town. The disadvantage is, well, they'll be so busy chatting the emotional aspects of relationships tend to be left out. They rarely praise or criticize, rarely let their emotions out. And they're too busy engaging in conversation to have sex.

With the emotional type, the narrative type will tend to be sexually fulfilled but conversationally frustrated. Why can't emotional types say clearly why they're angry or happy? With the factual type, the narrative type will tend to feel they are left in the dark, and will feel frustrated by the factual types' secretive ways. With the narrative type, the narrative type might get the conversation going, but has to be careful that their social circles match and have variety in them.

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