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A Prospective Candidate for Canada's Conservative Party A Prospective Candidate for Canada's Conservative Party
by Mirella Ionta
2017-11-09 11:05:01
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A Prospective Candidate for Canada’s Conservative Party:
Mirella Ionta


Dear Residents of the St.Michael/St.Leonard District in Montreal,

I am delighted to officially make public my interest in running as Candidate for the Conservative Party in the St. Michael/St.Leonard District of Montreal for the 2019 Federal Elections.

From the age of sixteen, I have resided in this area of the city. I attended Emily Carr Elementary School and John F. Kennedy High School. I pursued studies in the Liberal Arts at Dawson College and English Literature at McGill University. A Bachelor’s Degree was earned at Concordia University in Modern Languages and Literature. I also studied Entrepreneurship at McGill University.

I have worked as a language teacher, customer service agent, retail salesperson, waitress, debt collector, security agent, and freelance journalist.

I would like to become actively involved in federal politics because I am genuinely concerned about the declining quality of this nation. 

The ubiquitous stench of marijuana frightens me. Every time I step into a neighbourhood park, I am stifled by the fumes of marijuana and reminded of the Liberals’ tendency to sink into moral relativity.

I believe it all begins at the federal political level. If our wishy-washy leaders are choosing quantity over quality, opting for moral relativism over eternal concrete truths, we will see the consequences of their tacky politics manifest in our own neighbourhoods.

Especially troubled by the trends in federal politics over the past ten years, I would imagine that residents of St. Leonard and St. Michael are also tired of hearing about Oil Pipelines, Trade Deals, Ten Million Dollar Compensation Payouts to Convicted Terrorists, Bombardier Bail-Outs, and other such Scandals.

Surely, we can choose better quality politicians to represent us. As an aspiring Member of Parliament, I am prepared to raise issues that have been swept under the rug for too long.

I would need at least twenty-five signatures from residents of the St.Michael/St. Leonard District before moving forward. If any of my readers from this electoral riding would like to sign my nomination papers, please contact me at edit.mirella@yahoo.ca

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter,

Mirella Ionta



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