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Would you visit USA nowadays? Would you visit USA nowadays?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2017-11-08 07:29:38
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I’m fully aware that the next thing I’m going to write might sounds lame but lame as it is, it also might be true. Would you visit USA now? Would you go to USA as a tourist? Would you like to see Disneyland or have a gigantic hamburger with a rich milkshake knowing that the person next to you might carry a weapon and if - only if- you might look at them the wrong way they might …shot you?

gun01_400_03Would you like to stay in a hotel and feel paranoid about your next-door guest? I mean you want to tell them that they are noisy, you have kids sleeping, and you are worrying that they might open the door of their rooms with automatic guns blazing with no reason. Would you like to be stopped by a traffic police officer and start worrying because you are not exactly Scandinavian looking and you have a beard? Would you like to go for holidays and constantly worrying if you will return alive? Would you go for holidays to Afghanistan, Syria or Libya? Because to be honest, USA has fallen to the same category lately.

Would you visit USA nowadays?

I have heard all the arguments about the second amendment in the US constitution. My answer to all of them is YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS. What does the second amendment has to do with uncontrollable sale of lethal and aggressive weapons?  For defence reasons? Seriously? And the woman goes to the supermarket carrying gun because she’s afraid that the radishes and the asparagus might attack her? The person is going to the restaurant with a rifle because he is afraid of the bacon or the avocado salad?

Furthermore, a person goes to social gathering or a church carrying a gun? Why? Are they afraid that their friend might attack them between martinis for the number of olives in their cocktails?

And you might tell me that I exaggerate, things like that don’t happen all the time and all this about the second amendment is not exactly like that. True but it is also true that I read about an incident at least every single day the last few years and what I notice is that things are getting worst. Much-much worst. Actually more people die every year in USA from the illegal use of weapons than Americans have died in wars all around the world. The irony? In every big shooting there are a few tourists among the victims. Tourists!

And is not just the gun-carrying, is not just the race profiling, is not just the prejudice, is not just the xenophobia, is not just the fanatism, is not just the homophobia, is not just racism is just all together. USA has become a not welcome and friendly place before you even get there. And of course all Americans are not like that and all the places in USA are not like that but …but this is what we see out of America and the window for all that is the US President himself.

Would you visit Trump’s USA nowadays?

And the answer is NO. And it is not because every human being has the right in opinion as long this opinion is not all about racism, prejudice and hate and I’m really sorry to say, but that’s what USA transmits nowadays. And actually I’ve been wondering, how that tourist industry is doing after Donald Trump became US President? Do people still want to visit this USA?

Would you visit Texas not knowing what is waiting for you in the next corner or checking how many around you carry a lethal weapon and they might not like …your beard?

Is this how Trump is making American great again? By fear?

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Emanuel Paparella2017-11-08 11:45:31
Food for thought! Thank you my friend. I tell friends abroad that they’re always welcome to my home and that “mi case es tu casa.” I also warn them that visiting me may or may not change their general view of what kind of welcoming on unwelcoming monstrous society America has become lately, it may all depend on the kind of premises they start from, but I certainly cannot guarantee the behavior of my next door neighbor whom frankly I do not know from beans and may be a psychopath with an assault weapon ready for war at the slightest provocation. Senator Rand Paul’s experience lately may be exemplary. On the other hand, he may be the most gracious of humans. The tragedy is that I may live for decades next to him and may I may never get a chance to meet him. A visit to each other’s home would perhaps fix that kind of uncertainty, or it may not. It may actually exacerbate it.

I also warn my friends that, even if not by choice, I happen to live a few miles away the from Mar-i-Lago winter resort of President Trump, meaning that in case of a nuclear exchange with another similarly harmed nation (North Korea?) all the people in the area may have to go and meet their maker in a few seconds…and may not even have time to say their prayers before doing so, and this despite the fact that they live next to the commander in chief who ironically may end up suffering the same unfortunate fate. What is that called? Poetic justice?

I also remind my good friends of what Stephen Hawking has just alarmingly informed us all, no matter where we live in the world: that in 600 years or so we’ll all be toast on this earth. And then the philosophical questions begin to loom large on the horizon: can homo sapiens anywhere on earth be that stupid?Ultimately, is anybody really safe anywhere on earth, even in the south or north pole? As the song goes: the answer my friend is blowing in the wind.

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