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Under the Bridge
by Nikos Laios
2017-11-06 11:14:05
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Under the Bridge

They waited near the bridge
And i could see her
Sad Mona Lisa eyes
Under the moon quivering,
To the sounds of foghorns
la01_400_01And ship bells mingling
With silver threads of
Moonlight falling on the waves
And the night ferries crossing
The dark harbour like a
Slow seductive

She closed her eyes
And her sadness lost
Itself in the sounds
Of primitive drums
And jazz beats
And a million babbling
Voices rising from the city
Like a confession.

As the cats disturbed
Broken bottles in some
Back alleyways and the
Couples walked along
The harbour foreshore
With the smells of neat scotch
And fluffy cocktails hanging on their
Breaths, and their shoes
Scraping off their yesterdays
On paving stones with
Their drunken

The blue lights
Shinning through
The dirty windows
Falling on slick and
Perfumed hair
As swinging saxophone
Rhythms blared out
Of the twisted doors
Of small harbour side
Jazz clubs unifying
All of their souls
Into one just
For that
One night.

We felt it all
As we swayed
With the music
And swung with
The dance and
Our desires simmered
Under the moonlight
Burning off the stench
And stains revealing
Our shinning souls
Waiting for the rising sun.

We bathed our
Hands in the guts
Of life and felt rich and beautiful
Under the quivering moonlight
And the broken glass,
The wailing cats,
The jumping jazz,
The foghorns
And the ship bells,
Waiting under
The bridge.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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