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Eureka: Our lack of political experience
by Jay Gutman
2017-11-06 11:13:49
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Politics in its current form has been around since the end of the Second World War in many countries. That is, in politics, a lot of us don't know what form of politics is better other than based on our 70 or so years of political experience. So what should we know about politics?

  1. It's expensive to run a political party

pol1_400The idea when you have a political party is that you should have offices in all major cities and districts, meaning you will have hundreds of offices around the country. You have to pay the staff who works at the offices, the real estate that hosts the offices, and other public relations expenses. Imagine needing about 100,000 offices in the United States or about 40,000 offices in a country like France. That's a lot of offices for one political party.

  1. Half your potential voters, especially the younger generation, are no longer interested

8:00 PM was that time of the day we had dinner and had the television or radio on to listen to the news. The table in the living room had all kinds of newspapers and magazines you could help yourself with. High schools and colleges were very active during political campaigns, and there were no small elections. Politics used to be an outgroup topic, meaning you could discuss that with people you had no previous connection with. Now, partly due to the grotesque nature of some of the political scandals, politics is something you can only discuss with your ingroup, that is close groups of friends.

            3, The walls have ears

You go to a café or a restaurant and try to have a conversation about politics. That's kind of like going to the restaurant or café and talking about very private details of your non-conventional sex life. Unfortunately, discussing politics now sounds a lot like discussing very private aspects of your life in the past.

  1. Today's problems never really existed in history

For the first time in history, pretty much everyone has debt. It's no longer just the big businesses that are crushed with debt. For the first time in history a large portion of the population has a unniversity degree. For the first time in history communication with the rest of the world is free and you can get in touch with pretty much anyone in the world instantly. That's a lot of firsts. Yet rarely do I hear politicians say we have made history.

  1. Does democracy even exist ?

How many times have I argued with my boss and got reminded that there was no democracy. How many times have I seen elected officials ban people from running against them. How many debates have I seen about the restrictions of democracy.  Plus the education system has moved from a communication-based system to more of a test-based system. This means the younger generation is taught to perform rather than to discuss. I'm raising my guards when it comes to that generation trying to sell me anything, because, if I understand correctly, they were taught to value sales performance over customer satisfaction.

  1. What do conservative or liberal even mean ?

The conservatives need to wake up. Maybe start a debate on banning pornography or something. That would wake voters up. Liberals need to wake up as well. Maybe start a debate on restricting the use of smart phones or something. Or maybe censoring online advertisements or something. Come on guys, come up with debates that will wake voters up.

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